Why It’s Imperative to Release Judgments Based on Dietary Preference

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Michael Forrester

Whether you choose raw, vegan, vegetarian, fishitarian, paleo, processed or any other dietary lifestyle, it’s time to release judgement on what others choose to eat. Is any one of these methods superior to another for every person on the planet? Absolutely not, because all of them can cause health problems if there is no awareness of how we are transferring energy between our food and ourselves.

I’ve witnessed so much animosity between different groups who insist their version of sustenance is the correct one to prevent disease. They only share one commonality. They all think they are right. However, there is not one universally correct way to prevent disease in pursuing your truth about your health, especially relating to your diet. It’s time to move on from the path of antagonism, rebellion and even hatred for the choices others make about the foods they consume.

When people eat healthy it becomes difficult for them to observe the unhealthy choices others make. They assume that because they have informed themselves on the path of what they interpret as responsible dietary habits, that all others should do the same. It doesn’t quite work that way.

Dietary Decisions Often Lead to Judgement
of Others

The most interesting conversations I’ve had are with vegans who feel it is wrong to consume an animal. They often have a misinterpretation of what energy transfer is, especially when they realize that consuming a plant (considered a lower form of consciousness) is really no different than consuming an animal. Plants exhibits many of the same senses as animals, including sight, touch, smell, taste and even hearing. It is only perspective that enforces a principle and boundary that many vegans refuse to cross.

All forms of predation exist on planet Earth and whether you consume plants or animals, you are still pursing a biological interaction for an exchange of energy. Many of the animals on our planet are predatory because we are. Planet Earth would not inhabit lifeforms of predatory nature if its dominant lifeforms were not predatory themselves. It is the cycle of life here. We do not live in world of symbiosis … not yet anyway. Until that time, we must be predatory in some respects to exchange energy through our creation.

For many animals, their experience is not what we think it is. They have agreed to experience a life where they know ultimately that they will be consumed. They understand that they are eternal beings and are deeply connected to collective consciousness relating to their kind of expression. When we understand this perspective, there is no need to isolate ourselves to any one specific diet for any reason.

When we ignore our body consciousness and its needs, we are ignoring more than our basic needs. We are ignoring the energy necessary to allow our health to prosper. There are many vegans that fail to fully grasp this concept and suffer the health consequences after a decade or more of consuming only plants. Their health then deteriorates because they are still in an apprenticeship state that requires a certain form of sustenance. There is nothing wrong with that, but to them, they feel they are violating a specific boundary. It’s all how we perceive this relationship with our biological interactions that makes the difference. That doesn’t mean all vegans will have health problems, but the ones who do are often those who need to revert back to energy transfers involving animals.

It’s about being in gratitude and appreciation for the exchange of energy that is given to you. For example, I know of many vegans who converted back to consuming meat because of deteriorating health. They now consume organic, grass-fed and pasture raised meat from farms who care for their animals and have reputable slaughtering practices. These former vegans are now thriving. They have accepted a relationship with these animals that they are comfortable with and the exchange of energy is one conducive to their body consciousness.

When we resist specific diets, the energy attached to the diets we are resisting will create blockages in our own bodies. So by strongly resisting what we most want to move away from, the attraction becomes stronger and it presents itself in ways we perceive as negative. For example, vegans with very adamant views on their lifestyle choices may find themselves attracting experiences where they are continuously and vigorously defending their position against meat eaters. They may eventually find themselves in a perpetual state of animosity towards groups that don’t share their perspective. In this instance, their choices have become a disservice to their greater cause and goals for becoming vegan. They create anger, resentment and fear within their experiences when their initial objective was to create love.

I have found that once vegans find a spiritual relationship with many of the animals they ingest, they find it much easier to pursue this form of energy transfer, rather than committing to dietary restraints based on principle. Eating for health and tuning in to the needs of our body, rather than solely based on moral grounds, is often a more balanced approach physiologically and spiritually.

If you do follow any specific diet, you are following your perspective and truth of what you feel is the correct path of sustenance. It is important not to judge based on how others eat, especially when making comparisons to your own diet. That’s an ego trap and will only develop imbalances within your alignment to others. All forms of dietary choices should be respected. Always remember that people would not be attracted to a specific diet if it was not serving them in some way and that includes toxic junk food.

We are creating a magnificent new world. It is imperative to allow people to experience the lifestyles that will bring them closer to the lessons they require and have requested here on Earth.

Be at one with your food, but most of all, allow others to do the same.

This article, republished with permission, originally appeared at www.preventdisease.com.

Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.

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