“The Cutting-edge of the Cutting-edge”: Doctor Raves about POTENTIATE YOUR DNA

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Sol Luckman

Yet another fantastic reader review (below) of my empowering self-help book on DNA activation, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, was recently posted to the book’s Amazon page, where both the paperback and Kindle versions are available.

The first DNA activation in the “revolutionary healing science” (NEXUS) of the Regenetics Method, Potentiation employs linguistic codes-produced vocally and mentally-to stimulate a self-healing and transformational ability in DNA.

In this exploration of sound healing, learn how to activate your genetic potential-in a single, 30-minute session! Read Testimonials here.

Besides teaching you a technique you can perform for your family, friends and even pets, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA also: 1) provides tried and true supplemental tools for maximizing your results; and 2) outlines a pioneering theory linking genetics, energy and consciousness.


Writes Dr. David Kamnitzer in his five-star review of the book,

It is obvious that in POTENTIATE YOUR DNA Sol Luckman has seen clearly through much of the miasma that constitutes the “water” that our society swims in. This book presents a way of being with DNA that points to a path to and vision of wholeness that stirs the soul. He uses the term “meta-genetics” as a handle for this new paradigm—a paradigm that goes to the Heart of the Matter—literally! I resonated deeply with much of his message, including 1) the primacy of Love … expressing first as Sound … then moving into Light as the dimensional worlds appear; 2) the use of Solfeggio frequencies and specific vowel sound sequences to activate dormant potentialities of Being and DNA; and 3) a new model of the interface between planes and chakras that allows for and even illuminates the unique individual responses to common stresses. If you love the cutting-edge of the cutting-edge … read this book!

Download free sample chapters of POTENTIATE YOUR DNA.

Goodreads-badge-add-plusTo your potential!

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Sol Luckman is a prolific painter and acclaimed author whose books include the international bestselling CONSCIOUS HEALING and its popular sequel, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA. Sol is also author of the BEGINNER’S LUKE Series of seriocomic novels characterized by Reader Views as a “modern-day ALICE IN WONDERLAND” and by Apex Reviews as a “mind-bending journey through the mind of the ultimate iconoclast.” His latest novel, SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING, is the riveting, coming-of-age tale of one extraordinary boy’s awakening to the world-changing reality of his dreams. Written with young adult and young-at-heart readers in mind, SNOOZE proved its literary merit by receiving an Honorable Mention in the 2014 Beach Book Festival Prize competition in the general fiction category. Follow Sol on Facebook here and learn more about his work at www.CrowRising.com.

DISCLAIMER: The Developers and all Facilitators of the Regenetics Method offer DNA activation as educators and ordained ministers, not medical doctors, and do not purport to diagnose, prevent or treat illness of any kind. Regenetics Method information and sessions are offered, and accepted, as exercises of freedom of speech and religion. The Developers and Facilitators of the Regenetics Method make no recommendations, claims, promises or guarantees relative to specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for your own medical treatment and care.

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