The Next Generation: We’re Here, Ready or Not

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Brendan D. Murphy

I am Brendan D. Murphy, and I am the next generation. It’s here. We are here. And our purpose—as some of you have no doubt gathered—is to turn the world “upside down.” (Or at least, that’s how it will look, but in reality it was already upside down, and we merely want to set it the right way up.)

Chaos is not the goal of the next generation. Rather, we observe that we are born into a world in turmoil, vast swathes of humanity groaning under the strain of trying merely to survive.

Other vast swathes may not be faced with impending annihilation, but have, we observe, accepted desperate lives of involuntary servitude under a monetary system deliberately designed ultimately to transfer all material wealth, assets, money and gold into the hands of the few disturbed “elites” who designed and implemented that system. Unlike previous generations, we the “Indigo” or “.com” generation are not only increasingly aware of this situation, but we choose to do something about it.

We’re all about transformation!

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What motivates us is an acute sense of social responsibility, global community, justice, humanity, empathy, spirituality, and in my case especially, a longing for real worldly freedom—something we have not yet experienced.

Let’s face it, if the government decides what you can and can’t put in your own body (think cannabis oil, for example: the greatest medicinal substance known to man—a panacea), then you cannot claim to be truly free. So long as the government has the infrastructure to physically prevent you from taking charge of your health, you remain enslaved. (Do you know that cannabis oil readily cures cancer?)

Likewise, if you cannot travel freely on the roads without interference, taxation, tolls or commercial molestation by armed agents acting on behalf of privately owned corporations known commonly as state police forces (as is our right under Common Law), then you cannot claim to be free. (Do you know your Common Law rights?)

As much as I don’t like to be limited by labels, many years ago I found a description of what typifies an Indigo child and it resonated profoundly with me. Ever since, I have secretly considered myself one.

Indigo kids were identified first by  around the late 1970s to early 1980s. She was gifted with the unusual condition of literally seeing personalities as colours around people. It was around this time that she saw a personality color around children that she’d never seen: indigo. It represented an entirely new type of personality (with twelve Indigo subtypes!). (Note: Nancy was not simply clairvoyantly observing “auras,” as popular thought now misleadingly suggests.)

That this was an entirely new personality type that had not previously been around (at least not for very long) is strongly supported by Lee Carrol and Jan Tober’s sociological research, which shows that many people around the world who work with children for a living have been observing over the last two to three decades the emergence of an entirely new type of personality.

Tappe’s observations were not a fluke. One common observation was that the standard concept of “discipline” with these new kids had gone out the window. (And I can confirm that we can’t stand being spoken down to—by anyone!) Another was that unusual and previously unseen displays of compassion by young children were being witnessed. Of course, we would be remiss to fail to mention that Indigos are also renowned for having a strong sense of spirituality.

But the first couple of generations of Indigo kids have grown up now. (As I type, my thirtieth birthday is four days away.) Not only do we have no intrinsic respect for external authority figures (especially those who are transparent hypocrites), but we are innovators, boat-rockers, healers, anarchists, artists, political activists and visionaries—and we want to help!

We know and see that we’re born into a Matrix of sorts—a world of inversion, falsity and deception where the “authorities” teach us (both through the media and mainstream education) that up is down, black is white, slavery is freedom, and 2 + 2 = 5. We are here to replace this world with a new one. It will require being courageously honest with ourselves about the world around us and the world within us (our constructed persona identities).

To my mind, the most geopolitically and sociologically aware individuals, particularly in the next generation, also tend to be grounded in a deep personal (and non-religious) sense of spirituality. We can’t see the world without clearly if the world within is a fantasy designed to hide us from our pain and insecurity.

We can’t be free in the physical world if we are shackled by fear and pain in our personal psycho-spiritual worlds. Tappe: “We are in a Fifth Wave [of societal change], where our futures are no longer predicated on what happens out there [but] on what happens in ourselves.”

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Tappe predicts that the massive influx of Indigos will change the world: “By 2018 we’ll live in a world we didn’t grow up in.”  That’s certainly my plan! To get there we’ll need to help each other out and get street-smart and honest with ourselves, letting go of our socially engineered/programmed illusions and the lies we tell ourselves to prop them up.

We are the “next generation” and we are change.

Are you ready?

Copyright © Brendan D. Murphy. All Rights Reserved.

Brendan D. Murphy is an Australian researcher, speaker, musician and author of the groundbreaking work, THE GRAND ILLUSION: A SYNTHESIS OF SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY. Brendan is also a certified Level I Facilitator of the Regenetics Method of DNA activation, as well as a Psych-K and personal transformation facilitator, and has received formal EFT training. Check out THE GRAND ILLUSION at


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