Law of Attraction, Crisis & Alignment

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Peter Shepherd

 “I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.” —Edward Everett Hale

Does the Law of Attraction have a role to play in the resolution of ecological and financial crises worldwide?

A friend pointed out to me: “I don’t know if there will be some help from spiritual forces to help us make it through this time of human crisis, or if they are leaving us alone to see if we can make it from awakening after facing the truth.”

“This environmental crisis,” continued my friend, “is linked to our behavior, to our fragmented way of perceiving life and reality, and to our continuous demand of ‘goods’ from the Earth System as if it were something apart from us that will last forever.”

He was scathing with respect to those who point to the Law of Attraction as any sort of remedy to the current situations of crisis in the world economy and ecology. “Two sides of the same coin,” he said.

But “two sides of the same coin” is the point here, too. It’s not that the Law of Attraction is “wrong.” It’s that it was not fully represented in the film, THE SECRET.

Too often the Law of Attraction has been dressed up to appeal to the lowest common denominator (lazy people who want something for nothing) and make some money, but really it’s the timeless and universal principle of congruent intention.

Without congruent intention followed by focused action toward manifestation in the real world, the originator of a vision is dissociating both him/herself and the world itself from the mental/spiritual vision and its creation, therefore invalidating and disempowering it.

The originator of the vision is saying he doesn’t really want it; he’s not really involved; he’s abrogating responsibility; he’s separating from Source in spiritual terms.

But with congruent (non-conflicting) commitment at all levels—belief, feeling and action aligned—, synchronicities will then be able to occur, so that support arrives in terms of both circumstances and personal assistance.

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Synchronicities are a kind of magic—accidents which aren’t really, as the context has been set up for them to occur.

The Law of Attraction is not a magic wand, but more like “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” because all the pieces, when put together properly, “magically” form a creation. They are attracted together because they have the same intention.

I think it’s well established that to manifest an intent successfully (to achieve a goal) requires beliefs, feelings and behavior to be in alignment.

Only then does the Law of Attraction have meaning, so the concept is pretty misleading unless it’s used in the context of all the pieces being in place, which the “pop” version certainly didn’t establish.

References to the Law of Attraction in the various articles that have been included on my website are to a varying extent critical of the bland “materialize a Mercedes in the driveway” version.

But the idea of those who agree with each other—who are working on the same vibration, if you like, who share a vision—being attracted to cooperate and support one another, is a timeless observation and not recent marketing.

This phenomenon is not a scientific “law,” but a workable principle, which is all we are dealing with in developmental psychology—including ways of understanding events and behavior such as Jung’s synchronicities and archetypes, and many other helpful models.

Fear and doubt are not the platform upon which to manifest a better world. Fear and doubt will merely attract more of the same.

Neither are unrealistic optimism and rose-colored spectacles the way to go. We need to know about the issues my friend was pointing out!

Love, compassion, service in action … These are the crucial things that make a difference, that can save this world from decline and fall, and that can raise it in an ascension of consciousness.

I am talking about our visions, feelings and behaviors guided by non-judgmental, unconditional love.

Love is the key. If we start to express the spring of love within that is our true essence, our truth, our spark of divinity … and allow it to flow more and more … then all is revealed. Love becomes our guide in life, as well as our connection with and path back to Source.

Each of us can find that love within. It is the purest aspect of our nature, the witnessing higher self, that views from above our habitual patterns of behavior and cultural conditioning.

When we are silent, still and wordless, within and without, we become mindful of that viewpoint, which is our divinity. From that point of view, we communicate, understand, have empathy, perceive what’s needed, and act on it.

Each of us can do our part, according to our means and talents—and that’s no passive thing. It means making contact, taking risks, getting off our behinds.

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Peter Shepherd is a psychologist and writer in the field of personal development and runs the popular website, Born in London in 1952, he spent most of his life in England before moving to France to be with his wife, Nicole. Trained both as a rational-emotive and transpersonal psychotherapist, Peter combines these techniques in his own system of transformational psychology, applied to personal growth rather than therapy. His book, TRANSFORMING THE MIND, was the foundation of his website, which over nearly fifteen years has expanded to become one of the top personal development resources on the Internet.


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