Dmitry Orlov: US Will Self-destruct in Aftermath of Ukraine Crisis

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USA Watchdog

Join Greg Hunter as he goes one-on-one with Russian blogger Dmitry Orlov.

Orlov of predicts, “The United States right now, from my point of view and the point of view from observers from around the world, is on suicide watch. It’s a country that is going to self-destruct at some point in the near future.”

On the Ukraine crisis, Orlov thinks, “The Crimea referendum was the first legal way to find out what the people wanted to do.”

Orlov goes on to say, “In Washington, in the Obama Administration and in the Kerry State Department, we have absolutely breathtaking levels of incompetence. These people really don’t know what they’re doing and are dangerous at any speed.”


  1. To back up Orlov’s point, see Stefan Molyneux’s “Dead Dollar Walking: The Truth about Government Debt,” at; Jim Willie’s interview from earlier in March at; and Zero Hedge’s new piece, “Petrodollar Alert,” at

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