Rethinking the Necessity of the Antihuman Parasite Known as the State

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Sol Luckman

The following two videos offer provocative, liberating perspectives for those actively seeking alternative solutions to the nightmare of history.

The first video, THE STATE IS A PARASITE ON SOCIETY, features Paul Joseph Watson stating the obvious, but eloquently. The show notes for this short clip read:

The state forbids murder, yet organizes murder on a colossal scale.

The state punishes theft, yet engages in the rampant looting of society’s productivity through taxation at the barrel of a gun.

The state is not necessary for the survival of society, the state is a parasite on society.

The state is the ultimate antisocial, anti-society entity ever visited upon humanity.

The second video, GHOSTS KNEELING BEFORE GUNS: THE STORY OF GOVERNMENT, is rather more philosophical and poetic—and even more powerful for being so.

Stefan Molyneux provides a rational, penetrating critique of the killer herd instinct at work in humanity that causes individuals to support our leadership of psychopaths.

This video ends by encouraging us to simply walk away from the passively genocidal ghosts and zombies in our midst, thus hastening the crumbling of the state by weakening its support pillars.

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