Conscious DNA: Mind over Matter’s Missing Link

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Robert V. Gerard

As we scramble to know more about our DNA, do we ever stop to realize the perfection of the master design of the DNA within us?

It’s not a miracle. According to Andrew Weil, MD, author of the bestseller SPONTANEOUS HEALING, our DNA is a self-perpetuating healing machine with all the bells and whistles to keep the body healthy.

It’s a continuous process of expansion, rejuvenation, and protection. If I may be so bold to say: it’s a Godlike quality which we all have inside us.

While mind over matter remains a mystery to most, seventy-six percent of Americans believe in the power of prayer. Even Hollywood  capitalized on the anticipation of the new millennium with all its hype about the battles of good and evil.

The scientific community has devoted much attention to the mechanics of DNA. What do all these elements have in common? Is it hope that things will get better? Or can it be that our faith in the unseen will provide us with answers that satisfy our thirst for knowing our destiny?

So what are the fundamental truths substantiating mind over matter? What really happens when we pray, talk to angels, and spend billions of dollars to find how to clone DNA and reshape our genetic structure? It’s time for some answers; it’s time to know.

Let us begin by taking the position that consciousness in motion is INTENT. This places intent at the forefront of resolving some of these dilemmas.

Recently, five astrophysicists from several prestigious universities agreed that we are on the brink of scientifically proving that consciousness causes or creates matter. This supports mathematical findings in the subtle energy field research of quantum physics.

The “Hundredth Monkey” story proved that some kind of “influence” plays a major role in how things change. Biologist Rupert Sheldrake called this “formative causation.”

The characteristics of forms and behaviors shape the physical, chemical and biological systems that determine invisible organizing fields, which Sheldrake called “morphogenetic fields.” These are the invisible fields of consciousness in motion—i.e., INTENT changing our realities.

I trust that universal communication is predicated on INTENT. And from a human and spiritual level, the purer the intention, from deep within the heart, the more precise its manifestation. With this in mind, let’s discuss the unseen DNA that is poking at us straight in the eye.

Did you know that there are over ten trillion cells in our body, and keeping them in perfect health and harmony is the job of our DNA? Perfection in every cell of our body is what we strive for and can attain.

We seek answers from books whose authors are inspired and claim authority on the topic. We seek advice from doctors and healers of all disciplines. We want to know what’s going on inside our bodies and why.

Americans spend trillions of dollars per year on health care and related services. But now here comes the real paradox. Why we seek so much and do not listen to what our bodies are saying is a fascinating hypocrisy.

We all possess perfection, but do not know it. It’s about time we took a closer look at our own resources within, be accountable for our own health, save a few billion dollars, and become healthier and more peaceful individuals.

Do we take advantage of our intuition and understand our instincts? Are we ready to open our hearts and be guided by our impulses? Intuition, instincts and heart-driven impulses contain answers to our life’s concerns and issues.

We already possess the answers to most of the personal questions we ask others about. But we must listen to ourselves more carefully, more attentively.

For the most part, our bodies have answers to life’s problems. It’s up to us to rely on and trust what is brought forth intuitively, or through impulses.

Even if we heard or felt something from inside, can we understand the message? The answer is simply YES. It takes some discipline. You will experience change in how you think and feel forever.

Here are ten simple techniques you can do to become more sensitive to hearing your inner voice and sensing messages from within.

1. First and foremost, learn to get your brain waves in theta frequency (4-7 cycles per second). A deep but brief meditation or visualization with good imagery can do this quickly.

2. Stay grounded. Always bring your body with you when you meditate. Don’t fly off somewhere! Your body belongs to the Earth and works wonders knowing it’s home.

3. Understand that your DNA is completely replicated in every cell of your body. This is called your genome. Recognize that each genome has intelligence and serves your highest good.

4. Talk directly to your cells and their DNA. Realize that cells communicate. Collectively, they can send you messages. Be nice to them. Tell them that you love them. Establish a rapport with them as well.

5. RESPECT your body and every cell in it. Always treat your cells with kindness, trust, and honor.

6. Treat your body as a friend, an equal. Give it the freedom to express itself. Ask it questions. Listen to it. Tell your body it is sacred. Recognize that it contains the divine blueprint of life. Touch it and feel your body.

7. Empower your body to talk directly to Spirit and permit it to override your mental body, if that serves your highest good.

8. Give your body lots of love and feed it good nutrition. It will tell you what it needs.

9. Let it PLAY, run around, exercise, and most importantly, LAUGH.

10. Finally, in your mind and heart, create a new triad of intelligence—one that includes God Consciousness, your DNA Consciousness, and your consciousness. This new trinity of consciousness will become your new power source.

These techniques empower your body, at the cellular level, to communicate with you. Since subtle energy works with intuition, instincts and heart-driven impulses, you will discern life issues more clearly.

As you become more open and listen, you will begin to trust yourself and your feelings until you build a high state of confidence in yourself and the things you do.

Using these techniques permits your body to become a partner in your decision-making process. It enables the body consciousness to fully express itself physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

In essence, by activating your DNA, you have initiated a higher level of consciousness to live by: a new standard of life. You will receive information or thoughts with a higher degree of accuracy.

The key is to listen and trust. You will begin to focus on health issues, relationship issues, your role and purpose in life, and on events which foster happiness and peace of mind.

You will speak more clearly, confront life situations more confidently, and desire to resolve matters more directly.

As each of us moves toward our own enlightenment, we discipline ourselves accordingly day-by-day to assure that we are fully human and fully alive.

We become less tolerant of trivia and the past, and more focused on living each moment in the NOW.

As our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual faculties become more balanced, our awareness of mind over matter becomes clearer.

We will no longer wait for others to do our deeds; we are empowered to do them ourselves.

We will soon realize that because of conscious DNA, every aspect of our being can be expressed.

The real miracle lies within. It is trust. It is divine. It is ours.

Copyright © Robert V. Gerard. All Rights Reserved.

Robert V. Gerard is a lecturer, trainer, visionary healer, holistic psychologist, and spiritual coach. For over three decades, he has served both individuals and industry in management, organizational psychology, and self-empowerment endeavors. Robert is the author of DNA HEALING TECHNIQUES and the bestselling CHANGE YOUR DNA, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! He is available for private coaching and counseling sessions, lectures, and workshops worldwide. Visit his website at

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