This World Is One of Perception: “We Are a Part of the Very Realities We Build”

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[SL: Enjoy this recent thought-provoking YouTube comment from a channel where I’m honored to serve as a Moderator …]

Jason Breshears, Archaix

The news media is actively involved in mass spellcasting.

The popular term fake news is actually a euphemism for something far more sinister.

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Imagine the entire human race as an immense holographic pyramid.

The very top is the tiny cornerstone.

From this vantage point, the elite can observe downward as the echelons and echelons of humanity, their supporters, their financers, their agents, their armies, their media, their deceived enslaved consumers comprising the majority of the race.

They also see that rogue humans who are awakened do not conform to the masses, but the enlightened are protected and feared.

These elite understand the true nature of reality, that we exist within a simulated containment field that acts like a reflective hologram.

They know that our universe operates under principles that prophets, seers, witches, wizards, alchemists, sages, summoners, and ancient priests have known since the oldest times of human memory, before the Anunna brought materialism and patriarchy to a time when the goddess reigned and humanity did not fear the veil.

The materialist paradigm and Newtonian construct is pushed on the collective by the media. The truest tenet of all magical systems is the perpetuation of fantasy until it becomes fact, claiming through voice and actions that untrue things are fact until they become real for the collective.

This method works because the collective consciousness of humanity is absorbed into holospheric reality and reflected back as circumstances if phenomena or situations are believed by the majority to be real.

As spiritual beings we transmute the information we accept as true into a projection that is uploaded into the Construct and reflected back as conditions that support the belief. This is because we are a part of the very realities we build.

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  1. This resonates for me completely as the way of it — not just based on my intuition; but based on my experiences and my own conclusions that are based on my own experiences and observations. Do I sound redundant? Tis the nature of the construct in which I exist. 🙂

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