Exposed! Dr. Robert O. Young Reveals Shocking Contents of Co(n)vid Needles!

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[SL: Just received via email from my friend and colleague Brendan D. Murphy]

Brendan D. Murphy

And I know it seems strange to start off an email about SUCH a (deadly) serious subject by saying you’re going to LOVE it …

… but what I really mean is you’re likely going to find it both gripping and mind-boggling.

And empowering. 💪🏻

Knowledge is power, after all, and Dr. Robert O. Young is no stranger to insight—that’s why I invited him back on to Truthiverse to discuss his research into the rushed C19 j@bs whose marketing campaign has all the hallmark red flags we’ve come to expect from Bad Pharma

… the industry that has paid multi-billions in court-ordered fines and penalties for fraudulent marketing, junk research, and just about anything else crooked which you can think of.

Do NOT delay: 👀 watch this episode (and I do recommend the video version for the slides Robert shares)—and make sure you get it into the hands of anyone you love who is considering getting needled but hasn’t yet.

You’ll learn:

– Which covid jab(s) comes with free bonus parasites!
– Which cell in a sick body displays the “corona” effect
– How Robert replicated La Quinta Columna’s work, confirming gr@phene ox!de in the jabs
– HOW the “spike protein” is created inside the body
– Why pH is the foundation of health
– Why the stomach is not an acid pouch for “digestion”
– The connection between cooties-19 jabs and 5G
– Why RED blood cells are the front line of your “immune system”
– How Fauci was involved in the ’80s AIDS scare-demic
– What gr@phene ox!de does to red blood cells in your body

… and much, MUCH more.

💥 This is every bit as explosive as Robert’s first appearance on the show)—strap in.


🎧 Here’s the audio-only link if you’re happy to skip the slide presentation (who would do such a thing?!)

Thanks in advance for sharing this important message that will indeed save lives—and help point the way forward to a rational, evidence-based health model predicated on simple principles aligned with nature.

Copyright © Brendan D. Murphy. All Rights Reserved.

Republished with permission.

Co-founder of Global Freedom Movement and host of Truthiverse, Brendan D. Murphy is a leading Australian author, researcher, activist, and musician. His acclaimed nonfiction epic THE GRAND ILLUSION: A SYNTHESIS OF SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY is regarded as essential reading by many students of the physical and metaphysical sciences. Visit his website here.

“A masterpiece … THE GRAND ILLUSION is mind-blowing.” —Sol Luckman, author of POTENTIATE YOUR DNA

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