What Did You Do In The People’s War, Daddy?

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Allan Stevo, LewRockwell.com

There will be a time, perhaps one week from now, perhaps one decade or one century from now, when it is widely understood that the people of the United States were at war by the year 2020, with enemies foreign and domestic.

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The victors will write the history that will be read centuries hence. I fully intend to be one of the victors writing that history, and I know I can’t accomplish that alone.

I need men of valor. I need woman of virtue. I need youth of passion. I need elders with heart. I need to surround myself with the one percenters, the outliers. They need not be rich. They need not be famous. But they must be wise not trendy, they must be people of faith not fear, they must be solid not flighty.

It’s nice if they have a stockpile of guns and know how to use them. It’s nice if they have a love for great battles of the past and can chart out battle by battle, movement by movement, how the world was won. It’s nice if they are someone trained, unafraid to pull the trigger when the proper moment calls for it.

It’s nice because it shows their character, their love of strategy, their commitment to self-improvement, and their ability to be a man of action, but guns, battle plans, and triggers are not needed, because this is a different kind of battle.

It’s unlikely to be a kinetic one. It’s a battle for your mind, for your face, for your body, for your labor, for your obedience, for your family, for your home—all of which can be conquered by conquering your mind.


In the former Eastern Bloc, you couldn’t find 20% of the population who knew that everything done by the communist was wrong. You probably couldn’t even find 10%, and the deeper into communism the culture grew, the more impacted the culture was.

Only many years later could a student of history like me point to 1948, in Czechoslovakia as an example, when the communists took over and communism began. I date the beginning of communism in Czechoslovakia to the STOLEN ELECTIONS of 1948. A dozen other dates could be used.

There’s a takeover of society that is marching forward with vigor and the enemy of the usurper, the one his crosshairs are fixed on is me, you, my neighbor. Regular Americans are the enemy. Regular people.

A great deal of ill has been committed in the name of “the people,” all kinds of evil atrocity and mass murder, and that does not change the fact that a war is being waged on average people. It’s a war on the American people by those who think themselves better and worthy of making such dictates and demanding they be enforced. They are enemies of liberty, enemies of individual freedom.

Not every billionaire is an enemy. Some are.

Not every person who wants free trade is an enemy. Some are. If their version of “free trade” is a 3,000-page agreement, they are no friend of mine.

Not every politician is an enemy. Some are.

Not every sheeple is an enemy. Some are.

Not every Karen is an enemy. Some are.

Not every maskhole is an enemy. Some are.

Not every technocrat is an enemy. Some are.

Not every globalist is an enemy. Some are.

Not every Bernie is an enemy. Some are.

Not every Marxist is an enemy. Some are.

Plenty of people in these groups will leave me alone if I leave them alone. We are likely to see lines redrawn, definitions rewritten. That process is happening, which is why it was so important for the enemies of freedom to steal the 2020 election.

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Trump wasn’t perfect, but he gave us a seat at the table. If you’re not in the room, you’re not in the deal. Every day of this illegitimate Biden regime has offered a fresh reminder of their visceral contempt for us, a reminder of what business as usual used to be like.

Every day my vigor for bringing this regime to an end grows. I know I’m not the only one. As the course they plot grows more and more radical, they promise to find themselves on a collision course with the American dinner table that Trump so effectively spoke for, the American living room, the American family, the American believer, the American businessman, the American worker, the American parent, the American baby.

Yes, You’re an Outlier, Now Get Over It & Move on

My head might explode if I have to witness one more amazing and capable person stuck in analysis paralysis as they say to me “Can you believe how stupid that person is?” or “Can you believe how many people believe this narrative?” or “Why can’t more people see this for what it is?”

At some point that conversation loses its value.

In EVERY ERA there have been people who didn’t get it. Maybe they loved the status quo. Maybe they loved their pay check. Maybe they didn’t feel ready for change. Maybe they were liars. Maybe they were of the political class or at least identified as a friend to the political class. A dozen other reasons could exist.

Those people will always exist. They aren’t the ones who truly matter. You are.

At some point you have to accept that you are a big boy now and that destiny is knocking on your door, and you can answer and rise to the occasion, or you can hide, pretend you aren’t home, turn up the volume on the TV, so you can’t hear the knocking, and tell yourself it’s not your time.

Well …. It is your time.

If you make statements about other people like the ones above, it REALLY is your time.

You know the kind of statements: “Can you believe how many people believe this narrative?”

You have discernment to see right from wrong. Now you need to act.

If you don’t act, you are even worse than the people you denounce, because they have no such discernment. If they do, they don’t have the honor you do. If they do have the honor, they don’t have the courage you can.

They are a less complete, less developed package and that must be accepted.

You aren’t perfect. They know how to do things you don’t. They excel in ways you don’t. They get some stuff right that you don’t.

But in a moment like this, you are exactly who we need, and therefore you are who we need to focus on—not them.

Action begins in your life.

The world around you needs it.

It begins with small steps.

Cities aren’t built in a day.

Tomes aren’t written in a day.

Society didn’t backslide to this teetering and awful moment on the brink of the abyss in a day. We can’t expect to return it to the glory days in a day.

Step by step.

I influence politicians.
I influence media personalities.
I influence captains of industry.

I don’t expect every reader to be accomplishing that in a day. A lot of methodical building has gone into making that happen.

But make no mistake, there are readers of these pages who do exactly that, and with influence so much greater than anything I possess.

They came to this moment better prepared. They did more methodical building than me. I aspire to one day be like them. I know not everything can be built in a day, but that doesn’t stop me from taking the next step.

What I expect every reader to do is to take the next step, whatever that looks like in their life.


If you wear the face mask, it’s time to stop.

If you already don’t wear the face mask, it’s time to start swaying the policies that hold others back.

If you already don’t wear the face mask, it’s time to start gathering others who live life like you, socializing with each other, marshalling resources, and acting in concert toward your shared purpose and vision.

If you already don’t wear the face mask, it’s time to find others who are as confused about how to go maskless as you once were—to find them and to talk about what works for you. That’s one thing I do. I stumble through mistake after mistake until I figure out something that works and share it as much as I can.

Social media doesn’t cut it: That’s where the powers that be want you—a flip of their switch away from being depersoned. Face to face is where this needs to happen. Person to person. One person at a time.

I don’t know where you are in this process. Only you know. What I do know is that many good people continue to wear masks. That’s unfortunate. Please don’t be that person.

To decide to go maskless is so easy. To live life by that higher standard changes so much in you and the world around you. Suddenly you become a useful warrior for freedom in a way no masked person can be. To live life to a higher standard may mean to burn the mask and to vow never again wear it or to never again wear a scarf or to never again wear a cheese cloth or to never again wear anything over your face at the command of another. Living to that higher standard changes a person—just as masking the face and all faces you see changes a person.

One change is to the benefit of that individual, the other is to the detriment of that individual.

The people who influenced the mask orders know this. They are marketing to you with that mask, and their marketing isn’t something they are doing for your benefit, for your family’s benefit, for your community’s benefit.

No, not at all. Quite the contrary. The mask is part of the war for your mind. Part of your submission. Part of your compliance. Part of your daily grovelling.

One day, after it is widely realized that we were in a state of war by 2020, one day, someone will look you in the eye tenderly and ask:

What did you do in the people’s war daddy?

You could always lie.

Or you could live a life that will let you answer that question honestly and proudly.

You could live a life that promises us victory.

You could live a life that lets me write a history that we will want our children to read.

Or you can give up and let a different type of one percenter write the history, because that type of person will always be with us: an Alexander Hamilton, a Tony Fauci, a Thomas Friedman, a Fareed Zakaria, a Paul Krugman.

People like that will always be with us.

Obedient people will always be with us.

Fear-filled people will always be with us.

Weaselly people will always be with us.

Confused people will always be with us.

Bad people will always be with us.

And in all times in human history it was people like you and me who got to shape the course of history based on how badly we wanted a victory for freedom.

It is the Remnant. It is the moral backstop. It is the person of values, not the person of preference who stands and says “enough is enough,” who puts things back in order and who leads society on a proper course.

None of these other people can do that.

You and I can.

We’ve seen what happens when you let those kinds of people run the 3,300 plus counties in the US, the 50 states, and the federal government under the guise of a crisis: You get the corona communism that began on the Ides of March 2020.

That is where all these other people, left to their own devices, lead us astray.

You and I can stop this.

You and I can do so much better.

You and I need only rise to the occasion.

You and I need only take that next step.

Who’s with me?

This article, discovered here, is republished under a creative commons license.

Author Allan Stevo [send him mail] writes about international politics and culture from a free market perspective at 52 Weeks in Slovakia (www.52inSk.com). His new book, an individualized approach to health, medicine, and face masks, is now available.

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