It’s Time To Dethrone Caesar or We All Face Societal Annihilation

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Gary D. Barnett

“Civilization aims at the gradual standardization of increasingly large masses of men within a rigidly mechanical framework—masses of ‘common men’ who think alike, feel alike, thrive on conformism, are willing to bow to vast bureaucratic structures, and in whom the social instinct predominates over that of the creative individual.” —Amaury de Riencourt, THE COMING CAESARS Introduction, page 11

The people at large it seems, have always sought the rule of others, have desired outside “leadership” instead of leading themselves, and this phenomenon has led to almost continuous tyranny of the masses. This misguided thinking has allowed for the slaughter of hundreds of millions of innocents at the hands of those seeking to gain and hold power over others. Today we are faced with the greatest threat to mankind in history, all due to this misguided need for false leadership amid a threat due to a lie that is called Covid-19. It is yet another trick based on fear to allow the modern Caesars to gain even more power, control, and money at the expense of the common man.

In order to regain even a modicum of freedom in this age of oligarchic rule, the power of the few has to be broken apart, and strewn to the winds. This will take a mammoth effort, but failure to accomplish this mission will result only in a society completely devoid of any meaning or worth. With a failure of this magnitude, only despair, enslavement, and death will remain, while the few continue to rule the many with an iron fist.

The assumption of power claimed by the ruling class has been relatively easy to achieve, as the pathetic masses continue to buy into the state lie called “We the people,” as if the commoners ever controlled anything through the dishonest political system. Once the public bought into the lie that is mass voting as the source of their rights, a corrupt “democratic” coup of deception, the game was over, and the people lost. Complicity by the people in their own serfdom has allowed the total loss of freedom, so instead of fighting for natural rights, they believe they can ask permission of their rulers to live as a free herd. Pitiful and passive behavior such as this makes the job of totalitarian rule by the oligarchs easy to accomplish.

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” —Frederick Douglass, Speech, Canandaigua, NY, 1857

Frederick Douglass got it right, as without demand, demand backed by action, the powerful will never bend to the will of the lower classes. As with anything of value, it does not normally come easy. In order to either change the minds of those seeking power and control, or even better, to force the elimination of that power and control, an offensive posture backed by a societal mass must be evident. I am not recommending violence, but am attempting to describe the tenacity required in order to achieve the goal of freedom. All must be willing to take control over the beast of oppression called government, and eliminate its power. This can be accomplished by peaceful means, but it is rarely an easy task to take control of the controllers, as they greatly desire their position of power, and never relinquish it unless there is risk of great loss. In order to stop the tyranny, the people must be willing to stand against government en masse in order to gain back the freedoms that have been taken from them.

I am continually asked, ”What is your solution, and what are you going to do to about this problem?” This irritates me, as it exposes the very weakness that caused the problem in the first place, as those asking this question are looking for a leader or ruler to tell them what to do. That is how this happened in the first place, and is certainly not an answer to cure the ills of a voluntary serfdom.

Individuals in numbers working together to stop the tyrants is possible, but it does require courage and personal risk in order to achieve the goal of freedom, and a release from the chains of government tyranny. This country is run from the top, with a group of elites at the helm calling the shots, while a cadre of politicians at the federal and state level do the bidding of their bosses. This is the essence of the fascist oligarchy that is the current United States. Disbanding this bunch is mandatory, and that can be done by breaking up this group that holds a monopoly on power.

Decentralization of power can be achieved through personal and group dissent and rebellion, as these are the key elements necessary to destroy this monster called government. Decentralize everything. All centralized power is extremely dangerous, and should not be allowed. Once the powerful can be marginalized and dispersed, then the decentralization should continue at every level. All major power left should be in the hands of local communities, and even then, no concentration of power should be allowed. This may seem impossible, but so long as that attitude prevails in the minds of the public, continued mass slavery will be the fate of American society.

There is little time, as the controlled demolition that is this fraudulent virus pandemic will continue to lead to a manufactured perdition set up by the very state that is voluntarily supported by a weak and mindless populace. House imprisonment, economic bankruptcy, financial ruin, poverty, travel restrictions, monitoring devices, immunity passports, digital money and tracking, forced vaccination of poisons, implanted chips or dyes, biometric surveillance, social scoring, martial law, police brutality, and “papers” will be the norm.

Today’s headlines are already exposing plans for a second and third wave of tyranny immediately following the current lockdown, with the next this summer and then in the fall. Liars normally say what they are planning if one just listens. They are already telling the masses that this is the new normal, and that new and more devastating measures are forthcoming. Last October, Bill Gates’ Event 201, held by the very people now calling for the imprisonment of all of America, took place in broad daylight, and was nothing more than an almost exact preview of what is now happening. That was no coincidence, but liars exposing their hand and testing the waters to prepare for the real agenda sought, that of global governance and global domination. Is that the world Americans desire for their future and their children’s future? There is no middle ground, so will the people of America accept slavery or fight for freedom? Each of you as individuals must decide for yourselves before any legitimate mass effort can stop this dictatorial assault. Will it be give me freedom or give me death? Only you can decide.

This article, republished under a creative commons license, was discovered here.

Gary D. Barnett [send him mail] is a retired investment professional living and writing in Lewistown, Montana. Visit his website.

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