Your Genes Can Be Healed

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Julie TwoMoon, NMD

What if I told you that your genes could be healed? As the experiment of genetic modification through toxicity and direct food engineering enters its official 10-20 year window, we are seeing an exponentially growing trend of identified genetic anomaly in the population.

Popular labs like 23 and Me have made it possible for anyone to uncover possible hindrances to total health by identification of specific markers for genetic alterations which can contribute to modified processing of individual nutrients and impairment of detoxification pathways.

Hearing you have a genetic condition is scary stuff. This is mostly due the predominate understanding that our genes are static structures, unlikely to heal or be modified, a so-called fact which is far from true.

There are many genetic presentations which at this point do not appear to be modifiable: Down syndrome, Turners syndrome and other birth-related conditions. However, those identified through 23 and Me are not long-held genetic problems and appear to have been predominately presenting only within the past decade. Most who find they are positive for one or many of these identified anomalies have not lived their entire life with the problem.

In fact, it appears these modifications mirror the introduction of GMO foods into the food supply and may in fact be a rather alarming way to monitor just how many aspects of the human genome have been altered by our nearly 100% saturation with modified foods and the pesticides which are inherently part of their use.

Mounting evidence suggests under the right conditions, our genetic sequencing is susceptible to positive change, just as it has been susceptible to the opposite. Dr. Peter Gariaev from Russia and his team of researchers have spent years documenting the ways light and radio waves can be used to modify genetic expression.

Gariaev demonstrated this perhaps most clearly in his work in which frog embryos were exposed to the recorded genetic frequency of a salamander. The embryos underwent genetic changes resulting in the germination of completely healthy salamanders that were fully functional and even able to mate and reproduce. Gariaev has further demonstrated the positive effects of targeted energy in facilitating the healing of chromosomes damaged through exposure to radiation.

His work allows us to extrapolate our ability to heal our own genetic material if proper stimulation is applied. We cannot possibly accept the expanding number of indications of genetic change presenting medically within our population. Many of these changes have produced symptoms which result in near inability to maintain proper nutrient stores, conjugate normal foods and remedies, or maintain proper mood and brain function.

As these effects expand and go unresolved, we will see growing problems in future generations as we join genetic material and produce offspring with combined deficiencies and alterations. Adding more expensive supplements and boutique remedies cannot possibly meet the need, as they don’t fix the problem, but merely support the body so that symptoms at best are minimized.

Gariaev points to one very important facet of medicine which we cannot possibly ignore: the use of sound (in the form of radio waves) has potent and undeniable implications for healing genetic anomalies and may offer the most significant possibility to dismiss these altered genes.

Other researchers have identified frequencies and genetic “codes” which activate largely dormant “junk” DNA and, in essence, allow our body to re-write the genetic code to express its most powerful functions. This is a potent line of investigation considering the effect many genetic modifications are having on our ability to self-regulate our physical processes.

As of yet, we cannot illustrate complete repair of the genetic code, but enough evidence suggests we should consider it a real possibility that the use of sound and light frequencies can and will offer restoration of the body in cases of genetic alteration arising out of modern stressors.

Gariaev’s work stands in direct opposition to what modern medicine has led us to believe is possible in the world of genetics. His shared knowledge should serve to inspire us to at least entertain the possibility that genes are malleable and healing genetic damage is not only possible, but probable and tangible.

Hope exists for all those suffering, even in cases of genetic damage, hope which we should not ignore or dismiss. It is time to shrug off old limiting views of healing and allow ourselves to seize on the potential benefits offered in the new medicine. In fact, we have nothing to lose and all to gain by venturing into the unknown.

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Julie TwoMoon, NMD, was educated at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, where she received her Naturopathic Medical Degree and a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine. Visit her website at Request her free ebook, AUTHENTIC HEALING, here.


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