Dean Radin on Entangled Minds

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Dean Radin for Science & Nonduality

Anecdotal reports of “experiential entanglements”—spontaneous mind-to-mind and mind-to-matter interactions—can be found throughout history, in all cultures, and at all educational levels.

For over a century, such experiences have stimulated controlled scientific experiments to explore whether the anecdotes were best explainable as coincidence, confabulation, or genuine anomalies.

Based on analysis of thousands of experiments published in peer-reviewed journals, the cumulative evidence is now clear: mind-to-mind and some forms of mind-matter interactions have been demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt.

For the most part, this evidence is ignored or denied within the academic mainstream, probably because it implies that certain long-held assumptions about the nature of brain, mind and matter—assumptions that are inculcated in universities and repeated as fact in textbooks—are in some cases wrong and in others in need of radical revision.

I will review the evidence for these entanglements, the resistance to the evidence, and the implications for a more mature science of the future.

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