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Sally Owen

Do sound and science sing together in perfect harmony? They do for me, and most importantly, they sing for the gifts of healing. The science of sound healing resonates within the research of some of the top medical investigators worldwide. Their work is not limited to how sound affects our bodies or even our planet … Astronomers at Cambridge University have now determined that the Perseus galaxy cluster sings its song in the tone of B-flat. Sound exists everywhere, including within you.

I devour the science of sound because I am a soundworker who primarily uses tuning forks to create a sonic permission field for the vibrational healing experiences of my clients. I use over forty-seven different tuning forks that vibrate from 32 cps (cycles per second) to 4,225 cps. The forks sing to exact musical tones, and many of them are calibrated to the precise rotational frequencies of our known planets, sun, and moon. My personal belief is that all sound vibrates to a frequency of light, that sound is light, and that it has been slowed down enough so that we can actually hear and feel it. My job as a sound healer is to translate that light into your unique sound so that your body and spirit can sing your own song.

Why is the science of sound important? How important to you is your DNA? Musician and researcher Susan Alexjander and cellular biologist David Deamer worked as a team and exposed sections of human DNA to infrared light to determine the distinctive frequencies of the four base molecules: adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine. They then converted those DNA ratios of light frequencies into ratios of sound. What they heard sang to them, and that DNA “music” has been recorded so that it can sing to you as well.

Physician and alternative-medicine advocate Larry Dossey observes that “the result was haunting, beautiful music with microtonal pitch changes, much like music we associate with India and the Middle East.” I played Alexjander’s DNA music SEQUENCIA and Deamer’s recordings at my October 9, 2003 Tuning Fork Sound Healing presentation at The Golden Braid. The audience was mesmerized. Consider what is like for your DNA to be serenaded by the light of its own song.

Many of you know the profound spiritual and scientific work of Gregg Braden, who states that the “natural elements of our DNA translate directly to a readable message in our own cells, including God’s ancient name.” Braden believes that “the message in our cells was described in sacred texts at least 1,000 years before modern science verified its existence.” He further suggests that a “literal message may be hidden within the DNA of life itself.” Is the “literal message” within our DNA singing in the music of Susan Alexjander and David Deamer? Is this the song of science?

Imagine how the estimated 100 trillion cells per human body sound when singing their song. Sound healer Jonathan Goldman provided me with DNA ratio-calibrated tuning forks that I use to create balance on a subatomic level, which can actually “activate new aspects of the DNA helix.” Goldman says, “To our knowledge this ratio does not appear in any scales on the planet.” Maybe it sings somewhere within the music of the Perseus galaxy cluster. Goldman, like myself, is careful not to make guarantees that this form of sound healing “may indeed alter the DNA and allow new encodements of light.” Perhaps the job of science is to make that guarantee for us.

If you follow how important sound might be to the DNA in our cells, imagine what sound and vibrational medicine may offer to the more than 5 million people who have been diagnosed with cancer since 1990. Fabien Maman, a bio-energeticist, conducted a year-and-a-half study with Helene Grimall, a biologist and musician, on the effect of sound on human cancer cells at the French National Center for Scientific Research in Paris. After mounting a camera on a microscope where slides of uterine cancer cells had been placed, the researchers played acoustical instruments and sang musical scales into the cells.

Maman and Grimall found that the most dramatic influence on cancer cells came from the human voice. This is one reason why chanting, toning and singing (forms of sound healing that require nothing more than the intention of your own voice), and the tone-of-voice and choice of words we use when speaking to one another, are so amazingly important for our health and wellbeing. For cells that had been sung to, it was found that “the structure quickly disorganized. The human voice carries something in its vibration that makes it more powerful than any musical instrument: consciousness. It appeared that the cancer cells “were not able to support a progressive accumulation” after being exposed to vibrational frequencies.

The fact that cancer cells were unable to support themselves after they had been vibrated by sound provides strong evidence that sound therapy should be considered as a potential treatment option for this disease and many others. Maman also conducted research on two breast cancer patients. Each woman toned for three hours a day for one month. For one woman “the tumor vanished completely.” The second woman underwent surgery to remove her tumor. Her surgeon “reported that the tumor had reduced in size considerably and had literally dried up.” Photographs taken during these case studies substantiated Maman’s results that “the cancer cells show evidence of cell nuclei incapable of maintaining their structure as sound wave frequencies attack the cytoplasmic nuclear membranes.”

The work of Maman and many other medical researchers must be music to the ears of millions of people worldwide. There is some fabulous work done by Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher and author of THE HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER, on the effects of silent sound (the written word), as well as different varieties of music, upon the structure of water crystals. I would love to include some of his work in this short article, but it is something so amazing that you have to see it in his photographs in order to truly believe it.

In the 6th Century B.C., Pythagoras claimed that he heard the “music of the spheres.” Nearly all research on sound and vibration is based in some way on his ancient mathematical claims regarding sound, health, and structure. What was once a legend many centuries ago has endured and now become scientific truth. Hearing ancient celestial music has lead us today to hear the light in the sound of our own DNA and to scientifically witness the power of sound healing. The evidence is not only clear on paper, but is experientially overwhelming with respect to all kinds of emotional and physical problems, including but not limited to cancer. I am fortunate enough to observe this amazing healing power almost every day.

Considering the celestial music of centuries ago that has led us to listening to our own DNA is truly amazing. The fact that its presence has the power to heal the cellular structure that makes up the human body is music to my ears.

Copyright © Sally Owen. All Rights Reserved.

Sally Owen is a professional intuitive and sound healer with a solid foundation of a long-term career in traditional and holistic medicine and a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology. Visit her website at The foregoing article originally appeared in the December 2003 issue of THE GOLDEN BRAID newsletter.]


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