Holographic Healing & Sound Healing for Energy Balance

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PL Chang

Using holographic technology combined with sound healing to heal energy distortions in the body is an energy healing technique that will one day revolutionize the medical industry. This revolutionary energy healing technique utilizes sound waves, frequencies, and light to heal the deeper systems of the body, such as the cell, the DNA, and the energy system.

In theory, a well-built holographic healing device and sound healing generator could produce healing light and frequencies to heal cells and DNA and stimulate the body’s energy back into a more balanced state.

These types of health technologies have great healing potential, but they can also be used to harm the body. Because of this, when using these energy healing technologies to balance your energy, it is wise to make sure they produce light and sound that harmonize well with the energy of your body.

Why Holograph & Sound Healing Can Take Longer to Heal the Body

One of the main reasons holographic healing and sound healing don’t heal the body as well as they should is because of our lack of knowledge of how to use the healing power of sound, resonance, frequency, and light to heal our body.

This lack of knowledge prevents us from creating light and sound that resonate well with the frequency of our body. For more information about how light effects your energy, read this informative article: How Light Affects Our Energy & Health.

Another reason why holographic healing and sound healing take longer to heal the body is due to the fact that these energy healing techniques target the deeper structures of the body. As a result, it takes longer for the healing effects to show up as physical symptoms.

As more studies are done on the healing effects of sound and light, we will gain essential knowledge that will one day help us create sound and holographic technology that can heal cells back to their healthy state, or stimulate them to regenerate damaged tissues and lost body parts.

In fact, some scientists already did some experiments that showed how the power of sound, resonance, frequency, and light could do these things. One of these scientists was Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, the inventor of the Rife frequency healing machine.

Morphogenetic Fields, Holograms, DNA & Sound Healing

To better understand how sound, resonance, and frequency can be used to heal our body and regenerate lost limbs, we need to understand how morphogenetic fields, holograms, and DNA work at the fundamental levels. Below are a few paragraphs extracted from my book STARADIGM about morphogenetic fields, holograms, and DNA.

The external reality we experience in our daily lives is a holographic projection of consciousness or energy that is constructed through the use of thought. Because matter makes up our external reality, it is also a holographic projection of energy. This also means that our bodies are created the same way because they are made of matter. The fundamental definition of the human body is a system that is created through holographic projections of energy. The form and evolution of the human body is governed by its own morphogenetic field. This living thought form field acts like a template upon which matter is manifested. It also allows consciousness to create structure so that it can experience itself.

A hologram is similar to a photograph but is three dimensional and multidimensional in nature. Within any point in a holographic image, no matter how small, all knowledge of the whole image is present. In other words, it has the potentiality of projecting the whole from which it emerged.

If scientists dig deeper into the structure of DNA, they should be able to discover that DNA is the digital data imprint of the other living portions of our identities and is not bound to linear time and local space. They should also find out that DNA is the key to retrieving cellular memory because it allows our consciousness to become aware of experiences in other time continua. In other words, it can help expand our consciousness and perceptual field beyond three-dimensional space. If scientists start to understand how DNA truly works, they may even one day discover that DNA is one of the key elements that create our external reality.

The next few paragraphs go more in depth about DNA, morphogenetic fields, holograms, resonance and frequency, and why they are important for healing the body or regenerating lost limbs. The following five paragraphs are published with permission from Academia.edu.

Morphic fields are non-material regions of influence extending in space and continuing in time. They are localized in and around the systems they organize. When any particular organized system ceases to exist, its organizing field disappears from that place. But in another sense, morphic fields do not disappear: they are the potential organizing patterns of influence, and can appear again physically in other times and places, wherever and whenever the physical conditions are appropriate. When they do so, they contain within themselves a memory of their previous physical existences.

The process by which the past becomes the present in morphic fields is called morphic resonance. Morphic resonance involves the transmission of formative causal influences through both time and space.

Cells contain DNA and have the ability to work in harmony with other groups of cells to create blood, bones, muscle tissue, etc. The body can be seen as an immense electromagnetic field, which interacts in a still to be explained way with its morphogenetic field which unfolds formative influences by resonance.

Each of us has our own unique resonant frequencies or our unique quantum hologram which acts as a “fingerprint” to identify our non local information stored in the Zero Point Field. Since the event history of all matter is continually broadcast non-locally and stored in the quantum hologram, the quantum hologram can be viewed as a three dimensional vista evolving in time which fully describes everything about the states of the object that created it. Not only do we each have our own unique quantum hologram, but it is also possible for others to tap into parts of it though resonance.

The holographic part, which is a physical record of interference patterns in all fields can give rise to an entire original image. This is key to regeneration employing stem cells.

Understanding Holograms & Sound Is Essential for Healing & Balancing Our Energy

At the fundamental levels, our body is a hologram and therefore it is made of condensed light. But unlike tradition holograms, our holographic body is multidimensional in nature and has the potentiality of projecting the whole from which it emerged.

All medical conditions of the body are the result of energy distortions in our holographic body. By learning how to fix these energy distortions using holographic healing techniques, we can heal our body at the energy level and therefore preventing energy distortions from manifesting into medical conditions.


Sound also plays an important role for healing our body, because nature uses sound to organize matter into structures and sacred geometry. In other words, sound is one of the fundamental energy forces that nature uses to create life.

At the fundamental levels, the structures of our body and its performance are heavily influenced by sound. For visual evidence of how sound creates sacred geometry and life, read this empowering article:  Frequency and Vibration: How They Create the Structures of Matter and Life.

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PL Chang is author of STARADIGM: A BLUEPRINT FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH, HAPPINESS SUCCESS & WELL-BEING and author and founder of EnergyFanatics.com, where this article, republished with permission, first appeared.

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