Creating the Life You Want with Be, Do, Have

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Peter O’Donoghue

In my experience, when you ask someone what they want in the future, the reply is usually a list of activities they would like to do or things they would like to acquire.

When you ask someone, Who are you? The person will typically respond by giving you occupation.

Which one do you ask most often: What are you doing now? or Who are you being now?

The three points above give us a strong insight into how much the notions of doing and having are valued in our hectic world.

Someone who can get a lot done, is efficient and manages time well is praised. A person who has many possessions or great wealth is respected, people who travel a lot and have many life experiences are similarly admired.

These are all outwardly visible activities and realities, making them far easier to recognize than simply the emotional or energetic state someone is maintaining. Who they are being.

But it is crucial to recognize that you exist before you do or have anything. It is the most basic reality you experience at all times and can never escape from. Even if you sat in one spot for the rest of your life and had no possessions you would still possess a state of being.

It is from this inner state, composed of thoughts, values, beliefs, emotions, memories, fears and all of the other complex workings of a human that action arises, and from those actions habits are formed, and from habits come a life.

So forget what you are doing right now and how much money and how many gadgets you have in your pocket and all of the other external processes and just ask Who am I BEING right now?

What thoughts are you thinking? What are you telling yourself? How comfortable are you to even look inwards and give yourself a period  of complete stillness and attention? What comes up?

There are many people out there saying they want to be rich, or a fantastic relationship, or a loving family but don’t realize they are not being the sort of person who does the kinds of actions necessary to have those things.

You can try and want and work for something as much as you please, if you are not ready to receive it based on your deepest beliefs about yourself and the world it will never come.

If you are not being loving, generous, thoughtful and forgiving it is unreasonable to expect such things to come to you from others. It’s no good complaining about your colleagues or the neighbors or politicians, because that comes from a state of negativity and hostility. Again, look at who you are when you are doing these kinds of things. What do they get you?

Gandhi taught to be the change you want to see in the world. Because when you change, your thoughts change, then your actions change, then new habits form, and suddenly situations and people you could never have dreamed of coming to you turn up in your experience.

Always remembering that the correct sequence for getting what you want is Be, Do, Have in that order will bring huge changes to your experience.

If you want a million dollars, or any other thing at all, and no amount of trying and working has yet brought it to you, consider who you are being in your life and it may raise some interesting insights for you.

Physics and mysticism tell us that reality is not solid and fixed at all. Everything is energy existing at various frequencies, and who you are being is determining what frequency of energy you are putting out, what setting your transmitter is tuned to if you like.

Like attracts like, so it is far easier to attract what you want by simply aligning your frequency to it and it will naturally be drawn to you.

If you want love, be love.

If you want forgiveness, be forgiveness.

If you want … You get the point.

Less outer work and attention, more inner work and attention. Turn your eyes inwards and you’ll see why your life is as it is.

Bring the words you say and the thoughts you think into conscious awareness, you will  be surprised what you notice.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license.

Peter O’Donoghue is a Personal Performance Consultant and blogger based in London, England. He is the creator of Follow and interact with him on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe for updates here.

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