The Secret to Manifesting Your Evolution

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Theresa Crabtree

All humans are currently in a state of evolution. Whether you remain in a state of conscious or unconscious living remains to be seen. All knowledge of your spiritual nature is available to you.

Some choose to ignore the information presented, while others take time to investigate possibilities and choose to integrate what intuitively feels best.

It is one of the laws of the universe that nothing remains stagnant; all is ever-evolving. Humans are one species with the capability to consciously choose the pace of their evolution.

For those who doubt the power of thoughts, words and actions, take time to reflect on the current situations in your life. How did you get here? What has hindered you from attaining more of your dreams?

Look at your blessings. How many came out of “thin air” without you or others putting some thought or effort into them? Even a lottery ticket holds the promise of a blessing.

There is nothing that has ever been created or experienced that was not first a thought, then an action. Test this for yourself. Think of something that you wish to experience or gain.

The secret to manifesting all you desire is to first make a clear intention of what it is you wish to experience or gain. Muster belief that it is now in the process of coming to you. Use your physical senses to visualize what it will be like when it arrives at your door.

If there are steps you need to take to make this a reality, take the first step. Once completed, take the next step.

Watch for signs along the way. Many times your Guides leave gifts at your feet that were missed in your haste to get to the destination. Learn to live in the power of now, fully present; for it is in the present that you will receive the gifts.

Set your intentions for the highest good for you and all involved and ask that your gifts come to you as gracefully as possible. Expect to experience coincidences that lead you to your destination or possible solutions that you hadn’t dared to imagine.

When there is passion around something you deeply desire, your Guides will try to bring the highest dream to you, even if you are only asking for a smaller piece, for it is to be hoped that you will break through the fears that keep you from asking for the whole enchilada.

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As you begin to understand the power in you, it is likely that you will begin to shed layers of behaviors and beliefs that currently rule your life, keeping you from experiencing all that you desire.

You’re encouraged to move forward, holding your head high and facing any fears you encounter along the way. Push yourself, especially when you have feelings of knowing that you’re on the right path.

Many times you may encounter situations that feel uncomfortable because they are new or bring up a past time when you were presented with a similar situation that you handled poorly.

Often, we’re presented with the same situation repeatedly until we work through it. Although the scenario may not be exactly the same, the basic premise is similar. Repeated patterns such as this are usually a sign to pay attention to an unresolved issue.

For example, how many people do you know who repeatedly choose similar partners, even if they complain about the way their mate treats them? If a person’s beliefs relate to low self-esteem and not feeling worthy, he or she more than likely is playing the role of a victim.

Unknowingly, s/he continually attracts partners with “victimizer” beliefs. Neither will break the pattern until one or both change their beliefs.

Some beliefs are easier to break than others. Most are developed in early childhood, and then are built upon as the child progresses through life experiences.

Love of self and others breaks these beliefs. Compassion is the first step; this is learning to treat all with respect no matter what is said or done.

Kindness is the next step; this involves learning to accept all people regardless of how they treat others. Forgiveness is yet another step, allowing others to experience whatever they choose without judging them.

No one knows fully what fears or beliefs others are working with. No one has control over what another person believes or chooses to do. No one has the right or ability to take away another soul’s free will. Trying to force or manipulate others into changing their beliefs and actions is the crux of many problems in today’s societies.

Rather than judging others, each person would be wise to spend time and attention creating his or her own reality. The world would be a much better place if everyone took into account their own beliefs and changed the ones that keep them from having inner peace and joy in each moment.

Where along the way did you lose compassion for others? What is the reason you are not being kind to others? What “sins” have you placed on others that you feel they need to apologize before you can “forgive” them? What gives you the right to judge others when you are imperfect by your own standards?

It is when you can see there is no need to forgive anyone and you can truly love others unconditionally that you will know your homework is done. In this state of love, you will no longer have fear, anger or resentment toward others or yourself. Then you can begin to enjoy heaven on earth, even if hell breaks loose tomorrow.

You will have found that the only path to peace and joy is within you. It has always been there, but has been a bit skewed by your beliefs, which are simply ingrained habits.

Look back at things you just “knew” were absolute truths when you were young. Which ones have changed, and why?

Every single belief you hold today can change tomorrow by your simple will to make it so. Perhaps you will read a book or engage in a conversation that will create an “aha” moment in which you look at things with new eyes. By taking time each day to reflect on your beliefs, you may find yourself astonished at what you discover.

During the past few generations, information has been pounded into the population, and people have not been allowed to decide for themselves what is true. It is time to wake up and look at every single belief you have and decide if it still rings true.

Take time to research your spiritual roots. Test your beliefs by engaging in conversations with others who hold different beliefs and ask them why they believe what they do.

Open your mind to others’ opinions. You might find a grain of truth in them. Seek answers and you will find them.

Try new things. If your job does not bring you joy, seek another. If a relationship brings you sorrow, seek another. If you’re unhappy with your current housing situation, move. If your health is poor, eat better and change your negative thoughts instead of complaining to others, for that keeps you focused on dis-ease.

Know that any reason you give for not moving forward in your life is simply an excuse to cover up a fear or belief. You are never in a corner, even though it may seem that way.

No matter the situation, you are likely to remain in it until you accept responsibility for your actions that created it. You may have had horrible experiences in the past, but it is time to take responsibility for your actions today, heal these wounds, and move forward.

Everyone has the ability to forge past old habits and beliefs and live a better life. However, this takes courage and action.

Your reaction to what occurs around you is a measurement of your spiritual growth. When you falter, don’t waste time and energy beating yourself up. Get up and try again. Have faith that you can attain anything you set your attention on.

If your attention is on “poor me,” you will forever be poor. If your attention is on your ailments, you will forever be ill. If you attention is on lack of money, time or energy, you will forever be lacking.

Take a good and honest look at where you currently spend your money, time and energy and cut back on unnecessary expenditures. You will then have those resources to help you move toward your deepest desires.

No longer blame others for their trespasses against you. It is impossible to turn back the sands of time. Forgive them and yourself and move onward. Anger and fear take a tremendous amount of energy; use that energy to move forward.

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Excuses create blocks to receiving gifts. For example, a person might need an item, but is too proud to admit financial difficulties. It could be that a friend has the needed item and would love to give it to someone who could use it. But if the proud person never voices the need, the connection can never be made.

Be open and honest with yourself and others. Dream your highest vision so that you can live it.

Many people have created such a busy life that they don’t have time or energy to dream something new. Release some of the time- and energy-consuming activities you are engaged in so that you can renew yourself and learn to take charge of your life.

Remember that you are always evolving. There is no right or wrong. The world is simply full of possibilities to experience.

Begin today—for that is where your presents (presence) are!

Copyright © Theresa Crabtree. All Rights Reserved.

Theresa Crabtree is a Special Ed Teacher living in an historic mountain community where she enjoys organic gardening and writing. She and her partner are licensed ministers whose passion is to help those desirous of making changes in their dietary habits and level of self-empowerment. To receive free weekly messages, visit

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