Check Out the New Trailer for the Most Powerful Documentary of 2022, THE VIRAL DELUSION

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Enjoy this recent email update from Mike Wallach, Director of the truly AMAZING documentary THE VIRAL DELUSION, whom I interviewed not too long ago (see below) …

Dear Fellow Affiliates,
We have received such tremendous feedback on The Viral Delusion series that we cut a new trailer with some of the amazing responses. Might be a great idea to share this trailer with your fans!
You might also be interested in the below response we received from Angela, a biochemist, after watching the series. If your fans are still on the fence about whether or not science supports the mainstream covid narrative – it’s worth sharing with them as well!
Dear Mike,
I have just read Janet’s feedback concerning the fantastic Viral Delusion doc series and I know how she feels. As a former senior Biochemist using molecular biology techniques such as RT-PCR, recombinant DNA technology and pharmaceutical/analytical chemistry daily, I’ve known since early March 2020 that Covid-19 does NOT exist nor is RT-PCR a diagnostic test and so does every undergraduate who bothers to read their textbooks.
Masks and lockdowns are psychological warfare, everything that has followed this vile crime against humanity including the mass cull using the so called jab is utterly horrific. Having worked in drug discovery in both academia and the pharmaceutical industry I know first-hand how vile, soulless, and truly evil these people are.
I always tried to put love and light into my work as I genuinely wanted to help humanity, but the pharmaceutical companies and universities’ vibrations are so dark and low. As soon as I spoke my truth my contract was terminated and all doors are now closed to me, and I no longer work as a Biochemist.
Finally, we must be strong and stand together for each other, my heart breaks when I think of what the poison in the jab will do to humanity, especially the children and young people.
However, watching the Viral Delusion has given me hope, Drs Kaufman, Cowan, Lanka and all involved in this fantastic doc series are so inspirational. I love your idea that the doc can be an invitation to be part of a new community of people – I am totally on board with that. I have shared the Viral Delusion doc with as many people as I can.
Kind regards,
And some old fashioned text of recent responses to the film series worth sharing as well:
“Amazing.” Wow” “Incredible.” “Must-watch” “I thought the first one was good, but then the second, and the third, and the fourth – it just kept getting better!” “Game changing information” “Way better than I expected.” Thank you!” “You Must See This.” “Blows this scamdemic wide open.” “Needs to be shared as much as possible” ”Fantastic!””I am sharing this with everyone I know.””Extraordinary.” “50 million times better than anything else on the subject.” “Please watch.” “Absolutely brilliant.” “I am almost speechless” “The most important and revealing documentary ever presented.” “Watching now. This is SO GOOD.” “Fantastic” “Essential Watching.””I couldn’t possibly recommend it more highly.” “This is the most important thing in the world for people to see right now.” “Go Watch It. Thank me later.”
“Absolutely incredible and incredibly important. A Masterpiece.”
Dr. Sam Bailey.
“Immensely important and beautifully made.”
Dr. John Bevan-Smith.
“Amazing. Should be translated into every language in the world.”
Dr. Vinnie Costa.
“If You Watch One Documentary in 2022, Make It THE VIRAL DELUSION …
A Must-See Tour De Force.”
Author Sol Luckman
Okay, thank you for your support and generous spirit!
Mike Wallach
Paradigm Shift Pictures

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