Proteins, Spikes & Bioweapons

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This excellent article from midway through the plandemic by Tracey Northern deserves revisiting in light of the highly politicized and unscientific Ukraine biolab hysteria engulfing the alternative media at the moment.

Realize when you hear the rhetoric fueling this latest psyop that one of its major intentions is to keep the planet locked into fear of contagious “viruses” so that people can be more easily herded like sheeple into the NWO’s Great Reset …


The ‘released from a bio-lab’ story is ONLY a psy-op to induce more fear, to convince us that their viruses are REAL even if they are not natural. The only truth in this story is that the ‘genome’ they say is from a novel virus WAS made in a lab. A gene lab. On a computer. It is a manmade gene sequence that cannot do anything because it doesn’t exist except in a computer. This big lie is a cover-up for the other big lie. They have no viruses.

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All this talk of spike proteins and no-one knows what they are actually talking about. For years we’ve had an obsession with protein in the diet. “Where do you get your protein from?” is a question constantly asked of plant-based eaters. The question clearly shows the asker does not understand what proteins are. In the case of diet we do not get protein from eating ‘protein’. Our body MAKES proteins from amino-acids. If you eat complex proteins that are already formed the body has to dismantle or unfold the protein to extract the amino-acids which it needs to build it’s own proteins. This process of breaking down takes a lot of energy and creates ‘acids’ which have to be buffered to keep the body PH more alkaline. Calcium is the buffer. If you get acid reflux what neutralizes that? Rennies. Whats the main ingredient…

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