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Kelly Brogan, MD

You may be aware that my husband, Sayer, and I have received some special attention recently.

Along with 11 other fearless truth-tellers, we’ve been singled out as dangerous “anti-vaxxers” who are responsible for sharing two-thirds of the anti-vaccine content circulating on social media (which is, conveniently, purported to be 100% false).

Cooperating with authorities attempting to silence dissent and further the mass vaccination agenda, an organization known as the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) has launched a widespread censorship campaign, calling for our defamation, suppression, deletion from the internet, and perhaps even criminal action.

But who are the Disinformation Dozen, really? Are we anti-science conspiracy theorists, spreading lies that put millions of Americans at risk?

Or are we experienced natural health experts, health freedom advocates, and courageous human beings, utilizing our right to free speech to share well-documented safety issues with vaccines and standing for bodily autonomy?

And are there really only 12 of us speaking out?

In a brand-new short film, you can decide for yourself by learning who the Disinformation Dozen really are …

And why it is so important for us to stand together. 💪

Show your support for the truth by watching and sharing this FREE video widely!

Watch for FREE now!

May the truth set you free!

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This article, republished with permission, originally appeared in the authors newsletter.

Kelly Brogan is boarded in Psychiatry/Psychosomatic Medicine/Reproductive Psychiatry and Integrative Holistic Medicine and practices Functional Medicine, a root-cause approach to illness as a manifestation of multiple-interrelated systems. After studying Cognitive Neuroscience at MIT and receiving her MD from Cornell University, she completed her residency and fellowship at Bellevue/NYU. She is one of the nation’s only physicians with perinatal psychiatric training who takes a holistic evidence-based approach in the care of patients with a focus on environmental medicine and nutrition. She is also a mom of two and an active supporter of women’s birth experience. She is the Medical Director for Fearless Parent and an advisory board member for GreenMedInfo.com. Visit her website.

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