Sol Luckman Talks Decentralization, Sovereignty, Permaculture, Germ Theory, Awakening & Qortal with Mike Winner

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Enjoy today’s conversation on Sol Luckman Uncensored with Mike Winner, sponsored by Snooze 2 Awaken, Resources for Lucidity.

The full video version of the interview is available here. You can listen to the audio version here.

Mike is the co-founder and technical director for Alfa Vedic, an off-grid farm and wellness co-op focused on innovative solutions for a new era of self-mastery, health independence and personal sovereignty. Along with Dr. Barre Lando, Mike hosts a weekly podcast called Alfacast (enjoy award-winning author Sol Luckman’s appearance below) that delves into a vast range of topics related to the new cutting-edge terrain of health freedom and spirit science.

With a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies and History from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Mike aims to elevate the conversation of global consciousness through captivating and positive storytelling processes, new decentralized technologies and life-changing health and freedom festivals where humans get to be humans again.

Mike’s unique perspectives and positive outlook on the current global situation is a refreshing breather from the often negative nihilistic take so common in today’s materialistic world. Last but not least, Mike is the co-developer of Qortal, a community-driven decentralized internet infrastructure of the future.


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