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Sol Luckman

NOTE: The following interview, which took place on Speaking of Health Radio on February 7, 2014, has been edited for length and clarity. Enjoy—and to your potential!

Dr. Michael Kudlas: Welcome to another Speaking of Health. This is Dr. Michael Kudlas, Kalamazoo chiropractor in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Speaking of Health is a healthcare show dedicated to all things health. We’re not talking about disease here; we’re not talking about a pill for every ill or a drug for every bug. That socialization nonsense is put out all over the place on TV shows, radio shows and drug commercials. We’re talking about how to optimize yourself to become the perfect human being that you were meant to become—to become the blessing that you were designed to be when you were born. How do we optimize our health? We talk about rest, exercise, good nutrition, positive mental attitude and spinal integrity through chiropractic care, but we also recognize we are a multidimensional humans with physical, emotional, mental, unconscious, subconscious and spiritual aspects. All those levels of health go into our soul’s mission on this planet. In keeping with that, I want you to remember that the opportunity to improve our health comes in many different ways. We have with us today a really fascinating guy. His name is Sol Luckman. He’s a prolific visual artist and a critically acclaimed author of both fiction and nonfiction books, including the international bestselling CONSCIOUS HEALING: BOOK ONE ON THE REGENETICS METHOD and its empowering sequel, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO HEALING & TRANSFORMATION WITH THE REGENETICS METHOD. We’ve been told that genetics controls our life and our genes dictate what we’re doing and that, based on your gene profile, you may want to cut off both your breasts to prevent getting cancer. This kind of nonsense, while it’s good for medical business, is basically hogwash. Then we have Bruce Lipton who has come out with material that shows we have epigenetic capacities. We’re above our genetics. We have the opportunity to control our genetics. And then we have Sol Luckman who comes out with the idea of meta-genetics: that you can actually change your gene profile and turn on a healing mechanism within your body. This is what I find so fascinating. Your body has the ability to heal its DNA. Sol Luckman has developed a technique that allows you to do that. With that, I’d like to welcome Sol to our show. Are you there, Sol?

Sol Luckman: I’m here. Thank you for welcoming me so warmly.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: Let’s just jump into this idea that our bodies are actually made with the ability to heal our own DNA. How did you come about this idea and make this discovery?

Sol Luckman: You know, I came to this idea out of desperation. I had been very sick for years. I received Hepatitis and Yellow Fever vaccines before traveling to South America in the mid-90s; and within a year I was in the grips of a very mysterious, serious autoimmune condition that involved devastating food allergies and chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue, and other degenerative processes in my body. I tried supplements left and right. I tried all kinds of energy medicine, ionic footbaths. I occasionally tried chiropractic and I can say that it did help me some. I was eventually led to qigong and Eastern energy medicine and acupuncture. I got the most relief from energy work in the form of allergy elimination technique (NAET) and BioSET. It was these purely energetic modalities that made me realize there’s something tangible and powerful about pure energy that went beyond the chemical substances I was putting in my body in the form of supplements and beyond any of the mind-body techniques I was utilizing having to do with affirmations or using a positive outlook. Energy was something that seemed to encompass these other areas. Dr. Larry Dossey famously discussed Eras I, II and III in medicine. Era I being mechanical, physical medicine. Era II being mind-body medicine. And Era III being nonlocal medicine, which is essentially energetic. Thus began my desperate search to reverse what was happening with me that led into a lot of shamanic practices and studies and reading alternative texts like Jeremy Narby’s THE COSMIC SERPENT: DNA & THE ORIGINS OF KNOWLEDGE and other books on DNA and DNA activation. I had a real crash course in genetics and genetic theories. With my partner Leigh, I eventually traveled to South America while I was still very ill and had a series of what I can only describe as mystical experiences. I discuss some of these experiences in POTENTIATE YOUR DNA that led to what I often refer to as “downloads” of healing codes, in the language of Leonard Horowitz. Healing codes that I was taught by what I think of as my Higher Self, some aspect of my greater being. I was taught how to intone these codes through a combination of sounds and thought processes centered on language. We could discuss the relationship between language, DNA and healing. It was this series of codes that became Potentiation, or Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning. That’s the first DNA activation in the Regenetics Method. There are four DNA activations that follow a certain sequence. Doing Potentiation on myself reversed my illness and took me back in the direction of health and stability in a miraculous way.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: You pointed out the connection between words and DNA in the Potentiation model. Could you give us a little bit of information on that? I don’t think people quite understand the power of sound and its effect on DNA.

Sol Luckman: I’d be happy to. Anyone with any background in biblical studies is familiar with the notion that in the beginning was the Word. The fascinating thing about this statement is that it is not an entirely original statement. We find versions of it in mythologies and cosmologies all over the world. The ancient Egyptians believed that the first people were brought into existence through sound. We see similar statements in Mayan mythology. The same basic idea that sound is actually creative of genetic structures is found all over the world.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: That’s interesting. When you see this in one religion, it’s one thing; but seeing it in myths and religions all over the world tends to give credence to it. It seems to be a true human fact regardless of whether some scientist found it in a test tube. Keep going.

Sol Luckman: From there, leap into the world of shamanism. Regardless of what you think about shamanism or what you think you know about shamanism, it has been studied rigorously by scientists and anthropologists and it does appear that many shamans in the Amazon, for example, can heal people using sound and other techniques. Jeremy Narby, the French anthropologist who wrote THE COSMIC SERPENT, studied this intensively and realized that when shamans went into various trances using ayahuasca and other substances, they were beholding in their visions the spirit of Ayahuasca, which was identical to the helix of DNA! They were actually being instructed by it—as if they were tapping into some kind of human archetype or nature spirit or perhaps God—depending on how you want to look at—which showed how to use sound and thought to energetically change people’s DNA and heal them. This completely blew my mind. Sometimes during times of great stress and struggle we become more receptive to extreme ideas. I was in a bit of an “altered state” because I was desperate to be healed. But I tried on these ideas, and then I took some other steps in my research as I realized there were other people doing remarkable experiments with sound. You have Hans Jenny, who developed the science of cymatics, the study of the effects of sound on molecular form.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: Oh, that’s some fascinating stuff.

Sol Luckman: What is DNA if not a molecule? If sound can impact molecular form, on a purely physical level it seemed plausible that sound could impact DNA. There was also an emerging field coming out about that time, in the early 2000s, called DNA music. You had people like the composer Susan Alexjander working with David Deamer, a biologist, to make music—symphonies, musical compositions—based on the sound, the infrared frequencies coming from DNA translated into musical notes.

Dr. Michale Kudlas: Sol, give us a little more information on this concept of sound affecting the molecules in our body. I watched a cymatics tape a couple of times where they played certain frequencies. The way they played them, depending on the sound they made, ended up forming certain shapes, always the same thing. In many cases they were forming the shapes of the old Sanskrit letters. Give us an idea of how sound affects the molecular operations of, well, all of physical nature.

Sol Luckman: You just reminded me of Dr. Emoto’s research in water and using language in the form of prayer, affirmations or blessings to change the shape of water molecules. There’s a wonderful series of images of the sounds of the Solfeggio scale notes—I’m talking about the 6-note scale discovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo and Dr. Leonard Horowitz and made popular in the book HEALING CODES FOR THE BIOLOGICAL APOCALYPSE. These are the notes used in the Regenetics Method. You can see what they do to water in a series of images that can be searched online. How beautifully structured and perfectly geometric these molecular configurations are compared to what happens when water is exposed to, say, heavy metal rock where you end up looking at something that you don’t know what you’re looking at! There is no rhyme or reason to these shapes when they’re created by jarring music.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: Yes, the crystal nature of those things is just radically different in the water. I have my water sitting on a couple of Emoto’s cards now so that over a 24-hour period the positive aspects of the water crystals are regenerated into the very water I drink. Now, when you talk about the Solfeggio scale, what is that exactly?

Sol Luckman: I was wondering if I might come back around to that. I wanted to talk a little bit more about language, sound and molecular structure.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: Oh, sure.

Sol Luckman: The Solfeggio is important, but it’s not the most important aspect of what we do. The most important aspect is the linguistic, language-based aspect of the Regenetics Method.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: Tell us more about that.

Sol Luckman: For now let’s move on from Emoto—who is basing his work, let’s be clear, not just on thought, but on language. He’s using human language—any language will do—to affect the physical world. This has been absolutely proven. Language changes the shape of water molecules. There’s another indication of the enormous power of human language. The ancients told us that somehow language was involved in creating us and the physical world. “And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.” He said it. He didn’t think it. He didn’t intend it. He didn’t wish it. He said it.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: Yep.

Sol Luckman: So we have Emoto looking at the effect of language and sound on water molecules. Now, fast forward to the work of Dr. Peter Gariaev, an amazing Russian scientist who developed something called wave-genetics, which is a fascinating form of sound healing that uses complex algorithms to translate the alkaline molecular sequences of DNA into sound and light frequencies.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: Ah.

Sol Luckman: So it’s a language-based translation. He takes the sequences of DNA and transforms them into linguistically-based sound and light frequencies.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: Wow.

Sol Luckman: Then he uses these energies that go through a computer system to beam them to a recipient for healing. He could take frequencies from a healthy liver, for example, and translate these into linguistic sound and light frequencies, beam them at someone else and heal their liver. He has done this with rats that were given a poison to destroy their pancreas. Beaming healthy linguistic frequencies at these rats caused the pancreas to regenerate. It even goes beyond this and gets a little more sci-fi. I published several of Dr. Garaiev’s articles in my free ezine, DNA MONTHLY, which is now in its tenth year. He was able to take the frequencies from a salamander embryo and beam them into frog eggs. What came out of those eggs were healthy little salamanders, not frogs. This is where we travel all the way back to the biblical story of creation and how language in a profound sense is creative of life.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: Wow, that’s fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. It sounds to me like that’s where healing should be. Not necessarily in this Era I, drugs-and-chemicals idea.

Sol Luckman: Well, certainly the contemporary theory and practice of genetics is Era I. It’s cut and splice. It’s basically surgery at the microscopic level. It’s highly materialistic and that is what I think of as genetics. That corresponds to Era I medicine in Dossey’s view. Era II moves on to epigenetics, which corresponds to mind-body medicine. Epigenetics is basically the idea that our thoughts can impact, positively or negatively, our genetic expression. This is the realm of Bruce Lipton, a huge hero of mine. He has been able in numerous books and talks and articles to show how this functions, how we have a remarkable degree of control over our own genetic expression. It’s not that we are born with a tendency to develop a certain type of cancer and that’s all she wrote, hang on for the ride, you’re going to be getting chemo someday. It’s not that at all. It is that we actually, through our thoughts, have the ability to determine whether those potential cancer genes, if you will, ever manifest. To simplify a little, people who are more positive, upbeat and self-empowered tend to not have those genes go into their full cancerous expression. That’s Era II and epigenetics, the mind-body connection. What we’re talking about in this discussion is something that respects Era II very much but goes beyond it, into what Dossey calls Era III, or nonlocal, medicine. You referred to it in the show notes as “mega-genetics.” It is what goes beyond genetics or gives rise to genetics. If I’m not monologuing too much, I would love to talk a little bit about Dewey Larson’s connection to this work.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: No, go ahead.

Sol Luckman: Enter Dewey Larson, a brilliant scientist and engineer who wrote a series of books starting in the late 1950s. BEYOND SPACE AND TIME is one of his books. Larson theorized that we live in a mirroring universe. He developed essentially what was a unified theory that posited two mirror realities that were constantly interfacing with one another. In Larsonian physics we inhabit space-time. There is a parallel reality he called time-space. It is the inverse of our reality. Time-space is another, coordinate reality. Just like we have dimensions here, there would be dimensions in time-space. In this model our energy body is an actual, living body. It is a person in a sense, our twin, living in time-space. For someone living in time-space, we are the energy body of that person. So there are actual human blueprints for our form that we’re interfacing with all the time in a phase shift, if you will. If you shift the angular momentum of our reality ninety degrees, you pop over into time-space, basically. You go there when you dream. This idea of a blueprint for our genetic structure existing in time-space has been very important in my own work, because we can access time-space through various techniques to shift elements of the blueprint. I believe—though he would not put it in these terms—this is what Peter Gariaev, a biophysicist, is doing when using sound and light linguistic energies to impact DNA. I believe he’s accessing time-space, changing genetics; then that change flows back into space-time and either heals or transforms the organism.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: I hope if you’ve been following this conversation, you can appreciate what Sol Luckman is talking about here. The stuff he’s explaining is in his second book, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, where he shows you how to do this for yourself. This is teachable material. This is material that every child should be exposed to to help them promote who they are. We’re not talking about self-esteem here. We’re talking about self-optimization, becoming the very best soul you can be on the planet. And there’s a way to do that, a mechanical way that has spiritual underpinnings and the science of physics behind it to alter reality. But we’re talking about the new physics, not the old physics. This is quantum mechanics, quantum physics, moving into the nonlocal way the universe works. A whole different set of rules, a whole different set of opportunities for us to manifest our health. Wouldn’t you agree, Sol?

Sol Luckman: I definitely agree. That has been my experience. I’ve had the privilege and blessing to work with a lot of clients and have a lot of readers do their own Potentiatiton and the feedback has been incredible. Go to and read the Testimonials. They just go for pages and they’re quite extraordinary.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: It’s truly amazing. I’ve had Potentiation and the second activation, Articulation, and I’ve become a Potentiator Facilitator to help people help themselves. You have stuff laid out so beautifully, so elegantly that it’s really quite simple. Or it’s as simple as it can be—let me put it that way. My wife, Janet, performed her own Potentiation. I had you do it for me. So we each had a different experience in the sense of how it was accomplished. We both had fascinating results. Give us some more on this Potentiation business now. How does this work?

Sol Luckman: Well, we’re using language, right?

Dr. Michael Kudlas: Yes.

Sol Luckman: We’re using sound and light. One of the realizations I made while doing the research into the Regenetics Method and beginning to develop and introduce it was that a lot of energetic modalities—which would be Era II modalities in my nomenclature—are mostly light-based. They employ light to effect healing. I realized from my own experience and observation that that can help, and in some cases it can absolutely take care of the problem. But sound goes deeper.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: Yeah.

Sol Luckman: There’s a common misconception that you even get with people you would think would be very familiar with this territory that what Gariaev is doing with wave-genetics is just translating everything into a laser beam and zapping some creature and healing it with light. David Wilcock says this verbatim in his materials. But that’s not true. If you read Garaiev’s work, he’s using light to assess the frequency patterns of the diseased and healthy organs. Then he’s translating that into sound and using sound as the healing energy.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: So in effect light is just a carrier mechanism.

Sol Luckman: Light is a diagnostic carrier wave.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: Yeah, okay.

Sol Luckman: And sound is what powers it up.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: Okay.

Sol Luckman: What we have going on these days is a renaissance of sound healing. If you google “sound healing,” you will get millions of pages. There are lots of good articles that have been written on sound healing. We’ve published a number of them in DNA MONTHLY which you can read in the Archives. Moving forward, I realized that light itself wasn’t going deep enough to cure what was a very difficult situation in my own physiology. So I began experimenting with the notion that sound needed to be included. Eventually, I realized that I needed to employ both sound and light, which is consistent with what Gariaev is doing. At least on a philosophical level. I’m not using machines. This is all human-based. This is human technology. Not technology technology.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: Right.

Sol Luckman: Using sound and light together became a very powerful modality for activating DNA and prompting the activated DNA to address physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual situations. It was quite an unfoldment. A parallel realization that occurred during these various epiphanies was that we’re not talking about just any kind of sound. We’re talking about a) language-based sound and b) specifically vowels. I came to think of the five vowels—a, e, i, o and u in English—as a kind of distillation of the many vowels you find in other languages. For example, in Hebrew there are many more vowels, little tiny nuances of vowels. Everything seemed to have been distilled in the modern languages of the West—in the Romance languages, for example, and in English—into five core vowels that, kinesiologically and energetically, appear to correspond to, get this, the [nucleotide bases] of DNA and RNA (of which there are also five). This was a huge realization, and an empowering one, that allowed me to move forward with the idea that we could use the vowel sounds to “play” DNA at an energetic level, to stimulate it as if we were playing a piano, using vowels sounds that correspond to the makeup of DNA itself. And lo and behold, what came out of this was an extremely powerful modality where, in the case of Potentiation, one 30-minute session does something that I’m not aware of any other modality on the planet doing. Maybe there are other modalities like this, but I’m not aware of them. In the case of Potentiation, one 30-minute session initiates a 42-week process that goes through your energy fields—otherwise known as the chakras or auric fields in esoteric literature—in a specific sequence and works on different organ systems, emotions, areas of toxicity in the body … all in a systematic fashion powered up by this one initial session. The process lasts for an entire gestation cycle, 42 weeks, just over nine months. Are you aware of any other energetic modality that initiates this type of lengthy transformation?

Dr. Michael Kudlas: No, not at all, and it does it in a very systematic manner, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s not random.

Sol Luckman: No, it’s not. We discovered that the energy body, the time-space template, our twin template, is structured in layers or concentric circles, depending on whether you conceptualize it relative to the chakras or the auric fields. The chakras are stacked up and down through the spinal column and up into the head. The energy moves through these layers. Each layer is connected to an organ system or organ systems, a set of emotions, a set of microorganisms, toxins, etc. These systems within a given energy layer form what we call an ecosystem where they’re all interrelated. This is why for many people lungs and heavy metal toxicity from mercury and dental amalgams create lung and skin problems simultaneously—because all of those elements belong in the same ecosystem. Hopefully, I haven’t lost listeners at this point. I realize this is a little technical. It’s all explained in POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, including charts of how these ecosystems line up and what’s in each ecosystem.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: Well, this is really fascinating. Some of it correlates to the ancient traditional Chinese method of looking at things, and some of it doesn’t. There are other connections, so that if there are other healing practitioners out there, they would understand the connections involving their healing practice. But Regenetics seems to be overarching, encompassing. This is the way our system works, and these different healing traditions come underneath. This seems to be a grand scale of the way the body works, the way the body is from an energy perspective, not necessarily a chemical one. We’re talking about a highly advanced form of healing involving sound, consciousness and the connection between physical reality as we understand it, which we can experience with the senses, and the higher levels, the subtle energy bodies, the light and sound bodies that make up the more subtle realities of who we are. Sol, give us some more information on this. Where do you want to take this next?

Sol Luckman: Earlier we kind of got off the subject of the Solfeggio scale. You were mentioning something during the break about Hildegard of Bingen that I thought was a fascinating story about what may have been the Solfeggio scale.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: At that time she was an abbess, which meant she ran an abbey. They did not have a priest where she was, so she was in charge. She was extraordinarily gifted. Her books on healing and herbology still survive. She also wrote music. When a teenager in her parish committed suicide, she buried him in the cemetery. Well, that was sacrilege because committing suicide took one away from the opportunity, according to the Church, to go to heaven, so he couldn’t be buried in sacred ground. The Roman Church ordered her to dig him up and put him in the woods and she refused, saying that every soul is sacred and can be buried on sacred soil. Of course, defying the Church was a problem and they punished her by forbidding her singing. At that time the Solfeggio scale was used in most of the Gregorian chants. With the Solfeggio tones one had the opportunity for a spiritual experience just by singing the notes. That would have been quite a punishment to her. I have a healing massage technique where we use the Solfeggio tuning forks. It’s a very powerful way of healing. But these tones and about 160 Gregorian chants were mysteriously misplaced or taken away during medieval times, only to be recently rediscovered as explained by Horowitz in HEALING CODES FOR THE BIOLOGICAL APOCALYPSE. Your work uses these forks, which are indeed special.

Sol Luckman: They are the forks of the ancient 6-note Solfeggio scale which Horowitz theorizes to be the creational scale. I just published an article on my blog entitled Solfeggio Frequencies Set Body into Full Harmony by someone else who is working with the Solfeggio. It’s a very nice article that lays out the basic premises from Horowitz’s and Puleo’s work as to what the Solfeggio notes represent. They basically progress from the low note at 396 Hz all the way up to 852 Hz through what is described by Horowitz as liberating guilt and fear, undoing situations and facilitating change, transformation and miracles including DNA repair, connecting and relationships, expression and solutions, and finally returning to spiritual order. These notes are facilitators for expanding consciousness of our greater reality as human beings.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: Connecting us to the heavens.

Sol Luckman: Yes, or uniting earth and heaven. The alchemists would have said, “As above, so below.” As without, so within. These notes are powerful tools which Leigh and I combine with vowel sequences, where we double intone vowel sequences using sound combined with a thought—that’s sound and light—to activate DNA and facilitate healing and transformation.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: And this is what turns on the natural healing method that allows DNA to repair itself. Correct?

Sol Luckman: Yes, we think of Potentiation in particular as an “ener-genetic reset.”

Dr. Michael Kudlas: That is so cool.

Sol Luckman: It basically helps the system reset itself so that it can begin undoing or unwinding its own trauma and toxicities that are stored not only genetically and molecularly in the body, but also in the energy blueprint itself. Correcting the blueprint is a starting point; then the blueprint begins to correct issues in the physical world. The concept here is that in some profound sense the blueprint is a function of consciousness that underlies the physical reality of the body.

Dr. Michael Kudlas: This gives a whole new meaning to the statement that we “are made in His image.” If that’s true, then all of these things you’re saying are true. I’m sure He doesn’t need to get a flu shot every year, and if we have the opportunity to do the things that you teach us to do in POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, the same would apply to us. Now, we’ve got about one minute and a half. I can’t believe how fast this hour has flown. It has just really zipped by. Is there anything else you’d like to say in closing?

Sol Luckman: Yes, I would love to let listeners know that I’m in the process of releasing a novel called SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING, which is about a boy named Max, whose nickname is “Snooze,” who begins to learn to access time-space and harness his power by utilizing the blueprint and the energy field. It’s a sci-fi novel that deals directly with many of the subjects we’ve discussed today that I’m going to be offering at least for a limited time free online as a download. It will also be available as a paperback.

Dr. Michael Kudlas:
Great! Sol Luckman, I want to thank you for being on our show!

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Sol Luckman is a pioneering ink painter whose work has been featured on mainstream book covers and an award-winning author whose books include the international bestselling CONSCIOUS HEALING and its popular sequel, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA. His latest novel, SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING, winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence® Award, is the riveting, coming-of-age tale of one extraordinary boy’s awakening to the world-changing reality of his dreams. Sol’s forthcoming book of humor and satire, THE ANGEL’S DICTIONARY: A SPIRITED GLOSSARY FOR THE LITTLE DEVIL IN YOU, will be published in 2016. Follow Sol on Facebook here and learn more about his work at

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