Porch Musings #1: Cocktail Hour, Food Nerding, Empty Nesting, Staying Present & Archaix Questions

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🍹 Porch Musings #1: Cocktail Hour, Food Nerding, Empty Nesting, Staying Present & Archaix Questions

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🥂 🍷 🍾 Conversations on Sol Luckman Uncensored proudly uncorks yet another stimulating podcast with PORCH MUSINGS, inspired by the imminently forthcoming MUSINGS FROM A SMALL ISLAND (https://www.crowrising.com/musings).

📚 Award-winning author and professional artist Sol Luckman showcases his literary and painterly talents in this one-of-a-kind story of an uncommon life on the fair shores of Hilton Head Island, a world-famous vacation destination nestled in the Lowcountry of the Deep South.

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🎨 Combining fascinating memoir, hilarious comedy and inspirational philosophy, MUSINGS FROM A SMALL ISLAND is also a stunningly self-illustrated coffee table book any contemporary art aficionado would be proud to display.

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🏝 You’ve never read a book like this because, until now, there hasn’t been one. Seen from Luckman’s charmingly eccentric perspective, Hilton Head comes alive in ways few places have in literature or art.

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