Phoenix Protocol & Sol Luckman Discuss Archaix, Errantry, Community & the Upcoming Cataclysms

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⚔️ Phoenix Protocol & Sol Luckman Discuss Archaix, Errantry, Community & the Upcoming Cataclysms


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🔥 Sol Luckman Uncensored welcomes Phoenix Protocol, yet another amazing Moderator from Jason Breshears’ Archaix YouTube channel (, which is turning into quite the hub for a growing community of freethinkers, Wanderers, and “Errants” everywhere.

💥 With respect to his avatar (as seen in the video thumbnail), Phoenix Protocol paid an artist to immortalize 2040 and 2046. You can see the Phoenix Phenomenon in the foreground and the Nemesis X Object in the background. If you’re not familiar with these terms, you definitely will be by the end of this chat.

🎤 If you’re a researcher, author, influencer or content creator interested in talking simulation theory and related topics with Sol Luckman on this podcast, please reach out via This ISN’T a platform for channeling, ETs/UFOs or the recent “reincarnation trap” or history denialist psyops, so please keep that in mind. Sol’s open to coming on other podcasts as a guest to drill down into what’s up in the Simulacrum and how we can survive and thrive here.

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