Square Peg & Sol Luckman Break Down Archaix, Isometrix, Errantry & 2023

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🔲 Hip 2B Square: Square Peg & Sol Luckman Break Down Archaix, Isometrix, Errantry & 2023

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🎤 If you’re a researcher, author, influencer or content creator interested in talking simulation theory and related topics with Sol Luckman on this podcast, please reach out via https://www.crowrising.com/contact. This ISN’T a platform for channeling, ETs/UFOs or the recent “reincarnation trap” or history denialist psyops, so please keep that in mind. Sol’s open to coming on other podcasts as a guest to drill down into what’s up in the Simulacrum and how we can survive and thrive here.

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💥 Exploring the Astonishing Mathematix & Calendrix of Archaix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCQkp6DJ60g&t=862s&ab_channel=CrowRising

💥 You Might NOT Be an Errant If … https://solluckman.substack.com/p/you-might-not-be-an-errant-if


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