The “Soul Trap” Is a Psyop Box for Your Mind & Spirit

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[SL: Check out another major trigger of a comment, courtesy of Archaix, for those “enlightened” folks among us still operating out of victim consciousness.]

Jason Breshears, Archaix

Another often-asked question … concerns soul trap theory.

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I’m not on board. That’s my take. Hate to be the iconoclast, but to me this is pure fear-based programming. NGB Solo, a long-time Archaix participant asked about the soul trap this morning. I’‘m aware a lot of people believe in it. But I don’t think one’s belief or nonbelief in this scenario changes anything that happens after the soul [personality essence] is separated from the avatar. For those interested, this was my response—

All the researchers in the world can preach soul trap and I won’t get on board. In thousands of years of history and religions the whole concept only recently within 30 years popped up, but that’s not why I refuse to entertain it.

The evidence that moves people are testimonies from NDEs. These are “near” death experiences—none of these people who tell these stories actually died. Not one. Their souls wandered from an avatar they still maintained a connection to or they would have moved on. That fact alone has me understanding that not one person has come back from the dead to tell us anything; they merely entered that same gossamer state of travel and imagination in REM or deep sleep.

Because none of these people actually died then they were still subject to the collective frames of reference of the guiding collecting programming. They were still subject to the filters of the central nervous system. The more people hear the NDE experiences, the more people will have them and there will develop correlates.

“It’s not your time, you have to go back …” is not evidence of death. The soul trap concept is fear-based programming to me.

Living out life-sims is a simple concept. That we are volunteers until a specific time is simple concept. That there is a caring Oversoul is a simple concept. That there is a grand deceit staged out after your soul departs your body and you have to make the right choice or you suffer consequences introduces a plethora of complexities and doubt about our immortalhood, our place in the Creation and our Oversoul … which is exactly what it is designed to do.

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