10 Dazzling, Basically Failproof Predictions for 2023 (SLUUU Exclusive)

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Sol Luckman

🙏 🙏 🙏 Happy 2023 and thanks SO MUCH for supporting SLUUU in 2022! Together, my fellow Knights-Errant, we’re only just getting started building out a super empowering, one-of-a-kind platform for developing the three sacred, liberating qualities I focus on in my new manifestation ebook, PLAYING IN THE MAGIC: intuition, empathy, and imagination.


Substack This Exclusive Ebook

📻 📻 📻 Over the next twelve months, I’ll be sharing some extraordinarily high-level new premium and exclusive content designed to kick your errantry into high gear—so by all means, STAY TUNED!

🔍 🔍 🔍 Now, sit back and enjoy these ten sparkling (and basically failproof, if I do say so myself) predictions for 2023 … And know, from the perspective of gnosis, that if you know you don’t know, you really do gno

1. The “Great Reset” will fizzle. Actually, it was always (im)pure distraction. What needs a much greater reset is people’s ability to analyze data while trusting their gut instincts. If it looks, feels, smells, sounds and tastes (!) like bullshit designed to get your dander up and fry your rational faculties, it probably is. Think for yourself or don’t think at all. Wait, scratch that. That’s already how things work!


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