Simulacrum Mysteries: Evidence of the Construct—Educate Yourself with This AMAZING Video Collection Produced & Curated by Jason Breshears

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Jason Breshears, Archaix

In this presentation we will totally ignore the Phoenix phenomenon and explore what has been unveiled about the Simulacrum dispersed through the 360+ Archaix videos, and links will be provided for each example.

Every video discussed has a link below:

Things in the Sky

1 Mithradates and the Meteorite that Changed History

2 The Black Death: Extermination 1347

3 Insects Storms from a Simulated Sky

4 The Mechanical Eye: Hidden Constructions of Sky-Sim

5 Superconstructions Hidden in Our Skies

6 UFOs & Alien Tricksters of Our Underworld

7 Tunguska Event 1908: Not a Meteorite

8 The Fog and Mass Vanishings

9 The Heavens Lie

9.b Haunted Skies: AIX Lies

9.c 1947 Roswell: The Deception Begins


2046 Collapse of Time

10 Astronicon 2046 Return of Nemesis X Object

11 Archaix Doomsday Chronology 2040 & 2046

12 Forgotten Calendar: Episode 1 of Archaix 2.0

13 Mayan Long-Count Prophecy: Earth Moved Out of Her Place 2046: ANUNNA Files Part 26

14 The Day the World Turned Backward: ANUNNA Files Part 25

15 Orbit of Nemesis X Object NIBIRU: Destination’s End 2046 (ANUNNA Files Part 24)

16 Anunnaki NER Codex-Proof of the Simulacrum [ANUNNA Files Part 22]

17 Our History is a Holographic Construct

18 Weathermen are the Worst

Art Prints

A Construct

24 This Pendulum Reality: Isometric Projections

25 Palindromes Found Encoded in History

26 Simulated Worlds Within Our Simulated Existence

27 Flat Earth: False Interpretation of a Simulated World

28 Flat Earth vs Simulacrum

29 Dark Reality Remastered

30 Origin of Demons: Mature Audience Only

31 Simulation Theory 2 with Decode Your Reality podcast

32 Logan & Jason Decode the Simulation

33 The Archaix Paradox

34 The Archaix Challenge…Critic Beware

35 Ciphers and the Secrets of Parables

36 We See Only Reflections

Photography Prints

Immortal Free Within the Construct

37 Magical Architecture of Reality

38 There is a Wizard Within You

39 Breaking Pattern Creates New Experiences

40 The Laws of Our Simulated Existence for the Individual

41 Immortals Trapped in Simulation

42 Resurrection?


🎩 In this inspiring, empowering, hot-off-the-press SLUUU exclusive ebook, renowned sound healer and international bestselling author Sol Luckman shares a major download of profound (as well as absurd) insights into the “magical” nature of our so-called reality.

🧩 Riffing off the red-hot research of author Jason Breshears while adding a delightfully stimulating and idiosyncratic take with some critical missing pieces to the manifestation puzzle, Luckman distills an array of life-altering concepts into an easy-to-grasp-and-follow theoretical model for interacting productively (and even miraculously) with our simulated holography while avoiding many of the pitfalls related to the Chief Archontic Parasite in Residence, Artificial Intelligence X.

🥁 Consider this an “ERRANT’S GUIDE” to marching to the beat of your own drummer, happily and creatively, outside the collective drama and trauma addicting and afflicting the masses.

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