You Might NOT Be an Errant If … (Take the Quiz, See If You’ll Survive the Apocalypse)

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Sol Luckman

In my super empowering, hot-off-the-press SLUUU exclusive ebook, PLAYING IN THE MAGIC: HOW TO MANIFEST WHATEVER YOU DESIRE IN THE SIMULATION, I share a host of profound (as well as absurd) insights into the nature of the soi-disant “reality” we currently inhabit.

Riffing off the pioneering research and ideas of Jason Breshears while adding my own idiosyncratic take on and insights into the subject matter, I distill mountains of data and concepts into an easy-to-grasp-and-follow theoretical model for interacting productively (and even miraculously) with our simulated holography (the Simulacrum) while avoiding many of the pitfalls related to the Chief Archontic Parasite in Residence, Artificial Intelligence X.

🥁 Consider this an “ERRANT’S GUIDE” to marching to the beat of your own drummer, happily and creatively, far beyond the collective drama and trauma addicting and afflicting the masses.

On the subject of Errants, check out the following quotes from the ebook, some of which have been slightly edited for context. Then, your mission, should you be so bold as to undertake it, is to take the short quiz at the end of this post …

Any human in the Simulacrum has the right to exit the collective (psychically speaking); become a free spirit or “Errant,” as Jason likes to say; and ask the Simulacrum for a different outcome in such a way that one’s request can be heard—and more importantly, fulfilled.

Errants may or may not look and act normal themselves, but they share one primary “familial” characteristic: they look at events whipsawing the collective back and forth between two sides of the same coin with a deep and abiding skepticism, with a knowledge, or gnosis, that all the world truly is a stage that need not impact them.

Those Errants (or “errors” within the programming) who decide not to follow the herd aren’t punished but, instead, are allowed to go their merry way.

Errants, cultivating their innate manifestation ability in their own individual “realities,” can be and do basically … whatever they want—and crucially, they’re left alone by the system while being and doing it. If there is such a thing as freedom in the simulation, folks, this is it.

Being an Errant doesn’t come without effort, though. The true individual must first individuate (i.e., grow up). This can be tough sledding in a world that constantly seeks to infantilize even its adults through everything from lockdowns to passports.

When we boil it all down, fulfilling our potential by embodying everything we truly are is what being an Errant is really all about.

😱 You Might NOT Be an Errant If …

👉 👉 👉 Now for the quiz. Answer each question as truthfully as possible. Add up your total number of “Yes” responses. See the “Decoder Ring” below to evaluate your score. Good luck. Or maybe I should say—since all the world truly is a stage we’re just stumbling through—break a leg.

  1. You spend considerably more than an hour a day consuming, outside your job or work, any kind of news, mainstream or alternative.
  2. You worry about events and situations reported in your news sources even when you’re “unplugged.”
  3. You’re angered about events and situations reported in your news sources.
  4. You believe that outside scenarios can and do affect you personally, that this is natural and normal and “happens to everybody.”
  5. You feel that it’s your responsibility to help “save the world” and judge others who apparently don’t share your conviction.
  6. You consider yourself a type of “social justice warrior” in your own sphere of influence.
  7. You believe that the world is an inherently, or at least historically, “unfair” place.
  8. You strongly identify as either Republican or Democrat (or the equivalent).
  9. You’re devoutly religious and dislike the term “spiritual.”
  10. You closely identify with your “physical” body as being “yourself.”
  11. You’re “triggered” by the idea that you might be living in something like a simulation.
  12. You regularly engage in a variety of “prepping” activities even though most would consider you already quite “prepped.”
  13. You’re easily attracted to clickbait promoting sensationalist (especially fearmongering) content.
  14. You’re inclined to believe in the “power of positive thinking,” but you also believe it “only works for others.”
  15. You have implicit faith in “science” and the “scientific method.”
  16. You always try to play by society’s rules even when you don’t agree with them.
  17. You complied with mask mandates on more than the rare occasion.
  18. You spend a significant amount of energy fretting over Agenda 30, the “Great Reset,” the “next pandemic,” supply chain meltdown, dollar collapse, health problems associated with 5G, or something else along a similar anxiety-producing wavelength.
  19. You believe we’re in contact with “extraterrestrials,” who may be assisting certain groups of humans.
  20. You believe there are “white hats” and “black hats” fighting each other behind the scenes.
  21. You absolutely love or absolutely loathe Donald J. Trump.
  22. You believe in free and fair elections and that “selections” only happen in banana republics.
  23. You’re attached to the idea that there are political solutions to the world’s problems.
  24. You’re convinced Elon Musk is a genuine patriot standing up for free speech out of the goodness of his newly conservative heart.
  25. You believe the earth is either flat or round, one or the other.


Number of “Yeses”

0 – 5 Congratulations, you’re a true Errant! Go forth and boldly manifest your reality!

6 – 10 Pretty good, you’re within range. Step up your game to create what you want.

11 – 15 You’re not hopeless—but you’re getting close. Here’s help.

16 – 20 Sorry, stick to reading Eckhart Tolle and pretending to be a freethinker.

21 – 25 Take two vaccines and don’t call me when the simulation’s over.

Copyright © Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

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