Exploring the Astonishing Mathematix & Calendrix of Archaix—Please Submit Your Questions for Part 2 of My Interview Series w/ Jason Breshears in the Comments

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Sol Luckman

Part 1 of what I hope will turn into an ongoing series of chats with the prolific historical researcher Jason Breshears caused quite a sensation.

💥 Here it is on YouTube …

💥 And here the video is on Bitchute …

⚡️ A number of listeners commented that this was “by far” their favorite interview of Jason EVER. Definitely high praise since he’s appeared on a number of channels much larger and more well-known than mine.

📗 On December 8th we’re going in for Round 2, tentatively titled EXPLORING THE ASTONISHING MATHEMATIX & CALENDRIX OF ARCHAIX, and I’d love for readers to leave any truly thoughtful questions they might have in the Comments to this article.

📟 Our discussion will by arranged around specific numbers (mathematix) and dates (calendrix) in the Archaix data sets, so do keep this in mind.

⌛️ I’ll have a look and, if your question(s) fit(s) the context of the interview, I’ll endeavor to ask it on your behalf.

✸ But wait! There’s more!

⇨ ⇨ ⇨ I just released this cutting-edge manifestation guide with direct relevance to Jason’s work …


⇨ ⇨ ⇨ This related quiz might also be of interest to the Errants reading this.

That’s it for now!


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  1. Questions for Jason: 1) The notion of a Solar Event/Flash, where the effect would allow some humans to Ascend or transform in vibrational frequency very rapidly, has been talked about in many circles in history. Do you see any potential correlation with this event and the Phoenix of 2040, or the event of 2046? 2) If not, what is your interpretation/cause of humans currently ascending in vibration at a more rapid rate? The return of the vapor canopy perhaps? Thanks

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