Trigger Alert: There’s ABUNDANT Evidence Supporting Simulation Theory & the Phoenix Phenomenon (SLUUU Exclusive)

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Sol Luckman

I used to believe earth was being visited by ETs. For that matter, I used to believe earth was a planet. Then, for a brief while, I entertained the highly controversial notion that this realm might actually be flat.

In retrospect I’m ashamed to admit it, but I actually believed the shape of our world somehow mattered. Like most people, I also believed the earth, planets, moons and stars were real.

I further believed that history, while inevitably distorted by the victors, was nevertheless intrinsically organic and in no way a wholly artificial construct.

I entertained the notion that so-called reality might be merely a hologram, yes, and I wrote about this in some depth in my first published book—but then, perhaps succumbing to the pressure to conform to normative conceptions, it was all too easy to lose my intuitive sense of the unreality of reality and embrace the kaleidoscopic lie that there’s somehow a here here.

Then, just as I was perhaps on the verge of being sucked out of my idiosyncratic individuated self and subsumed back into the collective duality designed to enslave bodies, minds and spirits here in this nowhere, I encountered the monumental and paradigm-shattering body of work produced by ex-con and maverick historian Jason Breshears of Archaix.

On the heels of a troubled adolescence, running away from home as a young teen and finding himself on the wrong side of the legal system after a disastrous situation not entirely of his own making that he’s had the guts to detail extensively on his YouTube channel, Jason spent over a quarter of a century in Texas prisons educating himself in history and a range of complementary subjects to such an extent that few, if any, professors emeriti have read as deeply and widely.

Having spent a good portion of my own life in and otherwise connected to the prison of academia, I speak with some knowledge of this subject.

Jason’s stunningly groundbreaking work on what he refers to as the Phoenix Phenomenon and Nemesis X Object have set off a firestorm in online “truther” communities.



  1. Just talking about the meme, here.

    What exactly do I know about air?
    I KNOW that I don’t know.
    I know what they tell me – what I’ve been programmed to know.

    A simulation? I thought about the possibility before I ever heard about The Matrix (movie)

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