Enjoy The Way Forward Summit Replay This Weekend: Register for FREE & Receive a Complimentary Copy of CONSCIOUS HEALING

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It’s nearly Go Time! But how about one last pre-party for those who missed us earlier in the month?


The Way Forward Team has been working tirelessly to set everything up for our Membership Go-Live coming in November.

There’s SO much ramping up behind the scenes and we have so much appreciation for all of those who continue to work with us to bring this community forward. Some of these incredible people, as you know, joined us and shared their stories and expertise during our incredible Summit.

Collectively, we wanted to invite those who may have missed it for a FREE REPLAY WEEKEND on October 28th-30th.

The Replay Weekend begins on Oct 28th at Midnight ET and ends on Oct 30th at Midnight ET.

For all of you that attended, this is your opportunity to catch what you may have missed, as well as SHARE access with friends, family, and neighbors. This IS a community, and we are stronger (and thrive) in numbers so please consider sharing and joining us at your own pace for everything shared in the Summit during this exciting celebration of our official Membership Go-Live.

Interested in EMF mitigation and decentralized solutions? Sign up to learn more about these solutions with Mike Winner and others.

Wondering about growing your own food forest? Or buying and selling your own homegrown foods? Jim Gale and Zach Correa dive right into these topics and show you how you can get started!

Wanting to heal and transform you life? Sol Luckman will point you in the right direction.

We hope you’ll join us!


P. S. By registering for FREE, listeners will receive a COMPLIMENTARY DOWNLOAD of Sol Luckman’s international bestselling (and classic in the field of energy medicine) CONSCIOUS HEALING: BOOK ONE ON THE REGENETICS METHOD.


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