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Could it be there’s no such thing as the paranormal … only infinite varieties of normal we’ve yet to understand?

[url=]Read Reviews[/url]This is an important and timely question explored in the highly acclaimed spiritual novel, SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING, winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award for New Age Fiction.
Written with young adult and young-at-heart readers in mind, SNOOZE further proved its literary merit by being selected as a 2016 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Finalist in the Young Adult-Coming of Age category and receiving an Honorable Mention in the 2014 Beach Book Festival Prize competition in the General Fiction category.

Now for the first time ever, this epic visionary tale is being officially serialized—in both readable and audible formats.

You’re invited to join—either with eyes or ears—Max Diver, a.k.a. “Snooze,” along the razor’s edge of a quest to rescue his astronaut father from a fate stranger than death in the exotic, perilous Otherworld of sleep.

This inspiring tale interweaves a plethora of paranormal and metaphysical subjects, from Bigfoot and enlightenment to the Loch Ness Monster and time travel via the Bermuda Triangle.

In her review of SNOOZE published in INDIE SHAMAN Magazine, June Kent had this to say about what she described as “superlative fiction”: “Engrossing, entertaining and occasionally humorous, SNOOZE also takes a look at a wide range of subjects including levitation, telepathy, lucid dreaming, spirit animals, parallel universes and shamanic-like journeying, giving a wide range of information effortlessly absorbed as you enjoy the story as well as much food for thought.”

If you’d like your own downloadable review copy to share your thoughts via Amazon, Goodreads and elsewhere, read details and contact the author with your request.

Naturally, your generous review would be greatly appreciated even if you simply enjoy the full text now being presented on this blog and numerous podcast platforms. Keep in mind that paperback and ebook versions are for sale. A complimentary online version is also available for your reading pleasure.

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By Sol Luckman


“Wake up, Snooze! You don’t want to be late for school again!”

His father’s baritone urging was accompanied by the comforting smell of Old Spice and the firm, warm pressure of his large, manly hand on Max’s forearm.

“Snooze” was an old nickname, bestowed on him when he was just a toddler by his father, who possessed a kind, if wry, sense of humor.

Max had justly earned the epithet. As a boy, he slept as much and as often as he could—and literally could fall asleep anywhere, anytime, if he put his mind to it.

Concerned that his son might have an illness, Max’s father had once taken him to see a specialist, a Navy doctor considered an expert in sleep disorders, a man named Dr. Morrow with a vaguely European accent, angular features and owl eyes behind round, wire-rimmed glasses.

Max spent a surreal night in the Navy hospital undergoing an array of scans and tests with scads of electrodes attached like tentacles to his little body. But even under these difficult circumstances, he was able to fall asleep easily and remain so until morning.

Dr. Morrow concluded that Max didn’t suffer from narcolepsy or hypersomnia—though there were some anomalous readings in his results indicating extremely heightened brain activity during sleep.

Max remembered Dr. Morrow removing his glasses and biting one of the silvery arms in a perplexed gesture as he commented in low tones to his father, “Honestly, Thomas. I haven’t seen anything like it. But I don’t think your son is sick. To the contrary.”

“To the contrary?” his father had said.

“Let’s just say he’s … gifted.”

Until this moment, Max had never thought of himself as particularly gifted. If anything, his propensity for sleep, as much as he loved to doze, was often a burden.

This was especially true on school mornings when his father awoke him in the middle of a riveting dream. His dreams were always at their most vivid toward morning when he entered the deep, visionary rhythms of REM sleep.

Eyes rolling like magic marbles behind his eyelids, moving faster and faster as his flight speed increased, often he would find himself high above the earth, which resembled a blue-green ball on a vast carpet of black velvet.

Occasionally, if his velocity managed to reach what he came to think of as “critical mass,” there would be a flickering followed by a tremendous flash of light, like an electric strobe exploding. Once or twice, he actually found himself at the edge of what seemed to be a different world.

But this was as far as it ever went. He never got to explore this startling new frontier because, inevitably, he was woken up out of his dream.

“Come on, Snooze. Get your clothes on. Your oatmeal’s getting cold.”

“What’s going on? Dad? Where am I?” he would ask sleepily, disoriented.

“You’re in bed. Still. You’re going to be late for school if you don’t hurry. Time to get a move on!”

Fortunately, his father was willing to overlook a little oversleeping, because Max was a hard worker and nearly straight A student, once he shook off the drowsies and applied himself.

For his part, Max was willing to overlook the fact that he disliked oatmeal, grinning and bearing each unpleasant bite, because he really loved his father—who was all he had and did the best he could—and dared not disappoint him, on purpose, over a trifle.

Copyright © Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

Introducing Sol Luckman’s new visionary novel, CALI THE DESTROYER. Learn about the single most censored story in the history of the human race—and why it matters today.



Alter Ego

Sol Luckman is a pioneering ink and acrylic painter whose work has been featured on mainstream book covers, the fast-paced trading game BAZAAR, and at least one tattoo on a female leg last sighted in Australia.
Sol is also an acclaimed author of fiction, nonfiction, and humor. His books include the international bestselling CONSCIOUS HEALING, which you can read free online, and its popular sequel, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, available in English and Spanish.

Building on SNOOZE’s deep dive into lucid dreaming, parallel universes and Hindu mysticism, Sol’s new novel, CALI THE DESTROYER, is a page-turner of a sci-fi tale set in an Orwellian future seeded in the dystopian present that radically rewrites Gnosticism as well as the origins of the earth and humanity.
Sol’s popular book of humor and satire, THE ANGEL’S DICTIONARY: A SPIRITED GLOSSARY FOR THE LITTLE DEVIL IN YOU, received the 2017 National Indie Excellence Award for Humor and was selected as a Finalist in the Humor category of both the 2018 International Book Awards and the 2018 Best Book Awards.

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