Andreas Antonopoulos on the Revolutionary Nature of Bitcoin & the Blockchain

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Sol Luckman

The more I hear Andreas Antonopoulos speak about Bitcoin, the more confidence I have in the potential of crypto-currencies to wrest power from the global elites and lead toward a more equitable world with greater peace and prosperity for all.

Peer-to-peer digital currency is truly a bright light in a world attempting to drown itself in darkness.

Don’t let the naysayers convince you otherwise. These are the same benighted and/or invested folks who, circa 1992, assured everyone the Internet would never amount to anything.

To paraphrase Antonopoulos, national sovereignty, in terms of issuing currency, died with the appearance of Bitcoin several years ago; now it’s basically on life support fighting to outlive its relevance in the face of its increasingly obvious insanity and illegitimacy.

Here’s the takeaway quote from this amazing presentation: “Sovereignty no longer creates currency; currency creates sovereignty.”

So mote it be.

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